Her past was like a sunny afternoon with butterflies dancing in glee but same couldn’t be said anymore.

Crouched under the table,she remained silent,waiting for him. As soon as she heard the crack of the door knob,she adjusted herself to stagnancy and determination. The dark office,as dark as her heart. The little bulb beside her flickered. The door pulled open and she watched the shadow draw closer. It was now two hearts in one fate. Either ways,regret shall sour.

The undenied trust shattered in the blink of an eye. The fantastical image of a happy ever after dried away like deaths cologne. Tales under the moonlight will now be murder under the moonlight.

She looked outside the window to see the stars but his image was viewed instead as she watched him blow out his smoke.

Anger stifled within her as she grasped for air, an asthmatic patient but yet a courageous killer.

The bitter taste of betrayal, the sweet taste of love, the hazy waves of happiness, the imminent gloomy danger.

How is my baby girl doing?…i will be back home baby,cant wait to carry her” she heard him answer his call before she wiped her tears.

How wicked she felt at that moment. A devil, she thought.

A picture of him and his little family dropped beside her. The bright eyes of his 1yr old daughter was similar to his wife’s and her little infant hair was like his.

Years back,she had pictured this as her family photo to be hung on the wall while they both smiled at the baby but what a boomerang of sadness,just like how her father had left her mum in the past to settle for a “much better” lady,leaving her striving in poverty.

But then, a young man with blue sparkling eyes lit up her world,promising her a lovely future. Early hours of their days,they worked on their future,building their empire,promising to be with each other no matter what but now that man is who she will be pointing a gun at in some minutes time.

An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure, she would not have taking lightly. Rather than giving all she had in the relationship,she should have made some reservations.

One day,we would both own our company and paste our family picture on the wall. I will buy you a glittering diamond ring. I love you” this words, he had spoken but she was sure he wouldn’t remember. This words he had promised, he had fulfilled but as she stared at the family picture, she couldn’t see herself but rather a grey eyes young girl of about 18yrs smiling so wide.

Only of she knew she was smiling on her husband’s failed promises to another woman, she wouldn’t be so happy.

As she stared at the picture, tears rolled down her eyes and she finally wiped it off and pulled a gun out. “He shouldn’t have left me after 12yrs of our relationship. After all i did…” she whispered and she heard him say “anybody there?”.

She wished she could pull the trigger after telling him how cruel he was to give her 50million dollars for being a partner to the development of the business and sending her off to Paris to begin a new life after so many years of struggles and being together. All she wanted….was him. Not the money nor a new life but there he was feeling accomplished with his wife and child.

Hey!…pull the trigger” she heard. She jumped in surprise and shock. “Pull it already!” He screamed once more and knelt before her. “I really cant look at you, i have no words left to say but I’m sorry,don’t forgive me” he cried at her feet and she let out a loud cry. She knew quit well that her body won’t listen to a single message from her to kill him once he cried.

“I hate you!”she screamed. Her heart was nothing less than gold and that, he knew about. A pure reason why he was confident to tell her to pull it. Just like before, he was taking advantage of her again and she cursed herself. She positioned and pointed the gun at him but rather than bullets,tears flowed as she imagined his little baby girl being fatherless just like her. She knew what it felt like growing up without a father and she would see no such thing happen to another child, at least not through her.

She placed the gun down slowly and moved out of the office. She could hear him crying bitterly. Her mouth was dry,her lips were pilling, she touched her dress and behold was her bloody stained dress. Her knees felt weak,she dropped on them. She looked back at him. He was holding her gun which she had dropped. A blurry image of him wailing and she stared at him with bloody eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. Till the last minute, she was betrayed and bitter and then she heard him say “i know you will still come back to haunt me,I’m very scared. Please forgive me

She forced a sarcastic smile with her bloody teeth and said “till the end,you….you….betray…..

Her statement was not complete but as she saw the blurry view of a doctor after some hours,she could tell she would complete her words. Now, she is no gold heart. SHE IS A SCARLET HEART.





Nothing but pain is all i feel.

A sweet bitter tears of joy

Joy within me but the pain exclusive to no other.

A bomb to my brain,yet the antidote to remain sane.

I give you my body

Remain enclosed in the shield of my skin but leave me to the torment from within.

Its you fighting against me but I’m without armors just with a smile

My pain is your ecstasy but your ecstasy stings my flesh but yet i love it.

I give you my emotions.

The force you exert on me on your glorious arrival bruised my flesh, i was at the cliff of death but there i was, happy you had arrived affluent with undenied health.

I give you my life.

Now its your turn to cry as much as i did but there came no sound.

It hurts to see you cry but right now i need it.

Put forth a sharp cry while i smile.

My heart skipped as you remained silent but there you came with a last minute bliss. The sharp sound of your voice before breaking down in tears and there came a river pouring down my eyes.

The pain you caused me is as sweet as candy but nothing compared to the joy of having you in my hands.

I give you my heart little baby๐Ÿ’–

Hey guys!…I want to know how it feels seeing someone so little come right outta you๐Ÿ˜


YEARS IN MY VOID #shortstory

My name is Hazel and this is the story of the “unfortunate successful failure“. It doesn’t make any sense until you hear my story.

I spend most of my time with myself and my imagination and so i live a life of seclusion. Most people call me pretty, some say i am so intelligent while some say i am hot. Which am i?none.

Excuse my lack of tolerance for nonsense but i wouldn’t sit down to hear one more shit from anyone so some called me arrogant. I am not emotionally equipped to deal with guys staring at me and making useless comments on my body so some said i hate guys and i don’t fancy them and yes,i don’t, deal with it. I’m neither arrogant,pretty,hot or hateful towards guys, I’m just me.

I could remember how ugly i was many years back. Some people wondered if i was suffering from a sickness. I wasn’t. Moving from one classroom to the other in search of duster but none will lend but as soon as another asked, they would be given as though the duster was finer than i was. Raising my hands in class to reply a question but always getting overlooked even when i was the only one raising my hands. I had so many questions in my head, so many intelligent answers to give but why was i judged on my grades and looks rather than my intellectual capacity.

My grades said less than i knew, talked more than my capacity, meant more than my creativeness. My hands remain raised and ignored. “Normal test that i gave you,you didn’t pass. You think you can answer this question” the teacher would say i would love to say “listen to me“but i could see he wasn’t ready to listen, maybe I’m just a dummy. No one was actually ready to listen to what i had to say, what meant a lot was my grades. Those silly tests that didn’t have any impact on me, something carved out of the textbook which fullstop is replaced by a question mark meant so much.

Some unfortunate things happen during exams and intelligence differs. Some are good at creating things while others are good at reading and understanding while some have good listening skills. Some are good at discovering and finding out new things. This doesn’t mean that the one who reads to understand and can dispense this in exams is more intelligent so let’s be guided.

I placed my head on my desk and there came Gideon, a bald headed boy with an air of pride. It was heard that his parents were millionaires and i never told him i was suffering so why did he spank my head?

I got up in rage and issued him a slap that guided him to his sit and then i started hearing. “This girl is always fighting with everyone,she is so miserable”…”yeah,that’s why she doesn’t have friends” …..”i heard she is a sickle cell”… “no she has HIV, she is so thin and black.”

I got up and ran out of the class shedding tears. I quit going to school and swore not to advance to university. My mum was very furious at me and therefore hooked me up with a guidance and counselling teacher who will come each day to waste his time because i had my mind made up and on other things.

Over the years, i began clinging to myself and my room. Never coming out until i wanted to eat in which i ate one’s a day and i just got tinner and uglier. I began having frequent views in my head and so was the beginning of me living in my own void. My void was just my imagination and i would lay in my bed imagining myself in several places until depression started setting in. I didn’t want to go out so i would lit a candle and place it in my mouth until the fire goes out and then i blow the smoke out like a cigarette. I began getting addicted to it until it became a habit and my mum knew less of it. I was always hearing screams in the sitting room but i wouldn’t come out until one day, i heard the loudest scream and ran out. It was my dad, he was no more and my mum was cursing me. Over the years, my relationship with my mum became so bitter ,we began exchanging words and she wont miss a chance to tell me how i had caused my dads heart attack from my insensitive behaviour. Now, it was my fault for being depressed.

Later that year, i ran far away from my home and began living on the streets. Making money from selling illegal drugs until we were caught and imprisoned. At the age of 23, i was discharged.

I got married to my jailer and started a whole knew life. A wicked old man who took advantage of a depressed young girl was my husband and nothing was as annoying as seeing him walking past me everyday and not saying a word. How little he thought if me. I meant nothing to him. Maybe that was because he had several children outside our marriage. Two years in a chocked marriage and i certainly had to move on

I offered to establish a large machine that will help facilitate companies working process to a big western company and they invited me to their dinner. I had made several attempts over the years but it was to no avail.

I was standing at the balcony of the large company and the bright stars of the night shined on my red diamond glittering dinner gown. I had been invited for their company dinner and just when i spun around,i heard a loud applause “congrats miss hazel,you have the contract”. I couldn’t believe my ears and a tear rolled down my cheeks as i shook hands with them. It was just a week ago that i had divorced my husband and i thought my life was just over and messed up but as soon as i shook hands with Mr Ferdinand…..

I couldn’t wait to get home as i hurried to get into the car. “Drive faster!”i ordered as though my husband was my driver “come on Ferdinand” i complained and he smiled.

Everything seemed so different over the years, my house was now covered with grasses and it looked abandoned. It seemed like no one had stayed there for a long time. The white paint had turned brown and the flowers had lost their colours . “Where is the woman that lives her?” I asked the neighbour and he said “she died yesterday“….

That was it, i should have been more caring than that. I should have told her how much i loved her. I shouldn’t have let depression push me away from the people i love the most. I have no one left in my family. All i have is regrets. She never got to see the great woman i have become after all she did for me.

As i stand before the applauding crowd, i scan their visage. They look at me like a goddess. newspapers title me as “that successful woman” while the press scream “beautiful woman” and my husbands says I’m “pretty,hot and damn attractive.”. All of them know nothing about me except you who reads this. So now i ask “how pretty am i?…how attractive am i?” What exactly am i?….its up to you to decide but its just your opinion about me. I know who i am.

I am hazel and this is my story.


Guys,i want you to know that despite all the shitty things people say about you, you are special and you will find someone that loves you the way you are and those things you feel so insecure about would turn to blessings. YOU ARE SPECIAL!…I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!๐Ÿ˜˜


Nothing is more exciting than having all your cousins around in your family mansion. All thanks to my grandad who died a year ago after he had predicted his death for the 58th time. He would usually say “I’m going to die tomorrow and i know that” and it would never come to pass but now that he turned 93, i guess God respects elders wishes so he got his long term wish, RIP GRANDAD!. I cant forget how close we were.

I’m sure he will be smoking tobacco in heaven because he never passed a day without it and i guess that was what killed the old man last year. I pray he doesn’t lustfully stare at those angels in heaven like he stared at young ladies after watching porn. During this time of the year, i would usually sit beside him watching porn while being mindful of my mum. If she ever caught i and grandad, we would both be dead but i guess he was the only one dead now. In summary, my grandad is the weirdest and sweetest!. I remembered him today being that it was that special time of the year and he wasn’t there and i was staring at his large portrait in the entrance of the mansion, he was always so full of himself. “Daniel, get inside the car, we are running late” my mum shouted at me while rushing into the car. I saw her throw my dad a kiss before i got in, i literally felt like throwing up they didn’t have to be so dramatic all the time jeez. I struggled to balance between unintended nudging of my cousins who were practically clustering me out of excitement. “I’m so happy we are going on this picnic like really!” Stacy, my baby cousin spoke and stretched her hands to tickle Mary who was beside me. I felt choked with their excitement.

I found myself laying on grass with a thousand eyes staring back at me. It seemed like we had arrived at the picnic venue and then Kenny,my cousin said “he is awake”. I knew i had passed out quit alright but the urge to flee the area was heavy on me. The garden was so large and beautiful with red and pink flowers. There was a small lake down the garden and the birds sang with beautiful rhythm, a very quiet but sweet area. “Kids come over here”my uncle called out and we all followed. Gloria,was my prettiest cousin. I would have dated her if she wasn’t my cousin but that is if she says “yes” to a short, fat, blue eyed guy like me.

As they giggled over some old pictures of my grandad with several woman and his usual tobacco, i found my way down the bright garden where they were to a pretty little house at the end. I needed to breath. I pushed the door open and ultimate silence greeted back at me, cub webs rapped me as i took a step inside and my steps echoed loudly. I picked up a piece of paper which lay on a dusty desk. I wiped out the dust and let out a sneeze before i read it “as from now,when you make a wish it will come through” . I ignored it and peeped through the window. I could see my large family having fun. Some of my cousins were playing games,others were close to the lake probably singing and making songs while the “grownups” were taking pictures and giggling. The adults were at the other end probably talking about politics while i was here trying to get some peace and quiet like the introvert that i am. I sat and whispered “i just wish i wouldn’t see them again, i wish grandad was here”. I got up and took a stroll round the house. I peeped through the window and stared back into the house but something wasn’t right so i peeped through the window again. Were was everyone?had they left me? I rushed outside and i couldn’t see my family nor the car. I brushed round the garden and yet the same sight. I felt like i was in another world. “Anyone here?” I asked and someone tapped me and so i spun around. I felt vibrations round my body as i gazed at my grandfather. I let out a loud scream and pushed backwards before collapsing on the ground in freight. Does that’s mean I’m dead?. I couldn’t believe i was now running away from what i wished for. I had always wanted to see my grandad again but why does everything seem different now?. “Why are you running away from me, come i have the latest films for us son” he said and winked but as much as i wanted to hug him i asked”were is everyone,cousins,dad,mum” and he smiled and said “but you didn’t want them around,its me you wanted.”That was when i recognised i had made a wish according to the paper and i rushed in to correct my mistake but i stole a glance back at my grandad and pulled into his embrace. I missed him so much but i had to correct my mistake,i realised i missed them to and i should have been glad they were around. You actually never miss a good thing till its gone, i have learnt. When i got into the house, my grandad was already inside and i stood in shock. He frowned and said “you want to reverse your wish but i want to live, i wont let you do this” that wasn’t something my grandad would say and so i knew he was not really my grandad, just his replica. I struggled to grab the paper from his hands but we struggled until the paper got turn and then, everything went silent. Will i ever get my life back?

He smiled at me and screamed “i will live forever!!” And i cried bitterly. “Stop crying!”he warned but i ignored and then he shouted again. I looked him in the eyes and said “i really miss my family, i wish i never did this now i would never get my life back!” I cried my eyes out and later blacked out.

Daniel, get inside the car, we are running late” i heard my mum shout and that was when i recognised i was staring back at my granddad’s picture. It seemed like i had experienced this before. I saw her throw a kiss to my dad before i entered the car and Stacy,my baby cousin said “I’m so happy we are going on this picnic like really!”. I guess i have experienced this before. Seems like the sincerity in my wish conquered and now i have my family again. I now know that something’s happen for a reason and its better to let life get its way with things than,you forcing it. Though i missed my grandad, i guess something’s are just better left that way.

I wish it remains this way” i said and till now we have been on the road,never getting to our destination. Why didn’t i shut the fuck up!


Hey guys!!!…i tried writing something really different with some humor and horror. Its all thanks to my special partner for this idea. I have been running out of ideas lately and so i asked for advice and this came along๐Ÿ˜Œ…lots of love babe๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•. Rate this!


Sir!”my colleague,henry called “there has been a murder case in Angle beta mountains. It has been reported that the family went on a trip to visit their grandparents“he continued.

There is an issue now so i guess our date will be moved babe. Just rush over here” i said before hanging up and addressing the issue. I summoned all my colleagues. While i was digging deeper into the issue with my other colleagues, maryjane, my dearest assistant as well as my girl friend walked in. Without her,i wouldn’t be sure of succeeding in any mission. 5yrs had passed and she was the same. “Lets get to the bottom of this guys!”i said before we hit the road.

The fog around Angle beta was heavy upon us and we struggled to gain our sight. We were 5 and that not excluding maryjane,my girl and henry,my colleague. From thin view,we had hazy view of a house some distance away and we pushed towards it. On the doorstep was a letter and i tore it open,it read “I’m tired of living. Let me end this along with theirs. You can call me whatever you want but I’m really tired. John. By information given about the family, i was made to know that their first child,john was suicidal and an alcoholic and he had made threats to kill everyone along with himself. The main purpose of their journey was to make him see the brighter side of life but seems like he didn’t. Just as i was thinking, maryjane said “this is so sad. There is nothing more to this. He already confessed baby”. I stared at her and she smiled and took my senses along before i heard a sound from under the ground. What was that?

Before i could place my hands on the ground, henry said i saw something move inside the house” so i rushed in with a colleague and ransacked the house, there was no one in there but something wasn’t right about the situation because i couldn’t see any of their bodies. If he had murdered them,then it could only mean their bodies could be somewhere around. Where could they be if not in the area they were murdered?. I could hear faint talks between henry and maryjane, i called them inside to reason along with me and they also had doubts. Mary Jane said “i guess he might have thrown them into the sea some miles away”

“how did you know there is a sea around here?”i asked and she stared “if he had thrown them into the lake then where is johns own bodyhenry asked and maryjane muttered i don’t know”

“there is more to this Clemson” she continued and then began searching the house. She found a wristwatch. “This looks familiar i said and henry spoke up “how did it get here?”. I stared at henry and for the first time he looked scared. I was a man of my words and if in any case there was a rift between truth and friendship, i would choose truth. I grabbed him by his shirt and shouted “don’t you dare lie to me henry”. He knew quit well the man i was and so he pulled out a gun to defend himself because i was about to do same “put down your gun and surrender, its better than this i said and he shouted “I’m not the one…its a set up…Jane how dare you! Only if he knew how much i hated lies he wouldn’t have repeated that. I pulled the trigger on his right foot and maryjane shouted “no!stop it!..”. “How did your watch get here…hold him! I ordered and the other 2 colleagues pulled him down and i ordered them to take him into the vehicle for further investigation.

As we moved out, there was a vibration from beneath and i stared at maryjane and she said “why are you so scared baby, its the jeep, they just started the car. Come on lets get going but i looked at her and said no babe, there is more to this”

when did you start doubting my words?” She askedwhen my friends began betraying me i answered furiously and placed my hands on the ground. There was a slight movement in a small garden behind the house and i rushed at it. I threw the little gate open and suddenly, i developed an urge to pull out the flowers. Below the flowers was a grave. someone was buried alive in a garden?. As i placed my hands to dig in, i felt a strange presence behind me and i spun and immediately dodged,i feared the axe would have split my head to half’s “babe!…are you okay?you almost chopped off my head” I asked and she said “you could have stayed there haha…let me help you dig it baby“. As we dug together, the stench was too much so i drew back and she continued. I moved out to confront henry about his crime and betrayal which he denied furiously. I threw him a slap before moving back to the garden and behold was my girlfriend feeding on the corpse. She spun around the moment i stepped in and then she threw the axe but once again i dodged and she rushed towards me and we began an unending battle. I had bruises and pains fed on my bones as i handcuffed her. Could this day get any worse? I thought as i stared at her ocean blue eyes which was now my worst nightmare.

What exactly are you” i asked and she frowned. She said “you and i are both guilty of this so don’t try to act innocent“. Standing behind me was henry with his lips tainted with the blood of my other colleagues. My body felt heavy. “You betrayed me and set me up to flee but we would both go down Jane. Let him go Jane My brain sent confusing signals. “I’m hungry!” Mary Jane groaned and attempted chopping off my head. Before i could inhale my fear, henry and maryjane got into battle. Their animalistic battle was nothing to be compared to wolves. I stood at a spot wondering what kind of animals they were and just then, i heard a loud scream from maryjane and henry pulled out her brains and fed on them. He shot me a stern gaze “run now!…run! . I wasn’t conscious of the fact that i was sprinting away like a coward. For the first time, i failed a task. Henry saved my life but i was sure if i didn’t have his head, he would kill more. This is the end of the mighty Clemson, the beginning of my black history. He is next!” I muttered.

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I have a thousand wishes written down in my diary which i know wont be fulfilled but its better to dream than committing suicide. Last Sunday, i had come across a stunning girl. Her midnight dark hair crashed over her shoulders while her round big eyes were pierced towards the crucifix. She looked rather rude and pride sown but i loved her composure and dedication but as soon as she took notice of me, her face squeezed to a frown. I was sure she was disgusted at the sight of a fellow girl checking her out,maybe she would have loved it if it was my brother who was sitting next to me, but i doubt. My brother looked more like a squashed banana,not attractive at the slightest and i took after him. Only if she knew how much i adored her then she will place a crown on her head. She walked with an air of confidence that could make a whole city bow. Just as i expected, she was familiar with all the seminarians in church but mostly with the priest. She looked a bit slutty to me.

She was more of an independent girl than i was. There i was, always hanging around my parents and binding myself to their rules no matter how difficult they were to abide to. The genesis of my unfulfilled wish list was my family norms and i feared breaking out. Would that destroy my family?

Never would i want to be a bad fruit so i would only stay and adore others. “My youthful life is wasting out and i cant bear regret in my old age” i said.

My second year in school couldn’t get any better than it was. Scaling out in the night with my friends to party, getting familiar with wayward guys with hair tinted red and trousers ripped, smoking shisha and getting high on cheap stout. One of my friends asked “girl, you have changed. Aren’t you scared your parents might catch you?” And i responded “now that my parents are not here i can do what i want to…”. That was exactly how i felt, i got to know my life was shaped with every decision i make and not the norms of my family. Everyday was a repetition of the previous day and i began,looking more like the girl i admired back then in church.

School had closed for the semester and i found myself back to my regular life but this time i stood up for my own needs and wants. I wore exactly what i wanted to wear. I said what i needed to say,it hurt my parents but it was better than choking myself under the guise of a”perfect daughter”. I went to church the next day looking hotter than ever. I stole a sharp glance around the church but she was no where to be found. Had she left the parish?.

As the priest walked into the church,i watched her follow from behind in a white long gown. I blinked a thousand times yet the same sight. She held a rosary in her palms as she bowed at the alter and slowly walked to her sit. She caught sight of me and smiled. She was sitting among the catholic reverend sisters. The mass was over and the priest introduced her “lets pray for sister amara. She has just joined out catholic family. She has always been dedicated. As you all know,she is always around the church helping in one way or the other. I could remember when i found her by the road side,homeless and hopeless. As soon as she stepped into the church,the first thing she said to me was “i will want to serve here all my life” and now she will”. As the crowd cheered, i bit my fingers. She wasn’t just beautiful but she was highly virtuous and respected. A thousand people were applauding for her and here i was, giving myself away into worldly pleasures. Though i made myself as beautiful as she was, i lacked something’s and that was “virtue,self worth,self-respect”but what i really lost was “myself” who am i?

I picked up my wish list and scaled through. All that was written there was envy,jealousy,and comparison. Those were things other people had in which i didn’t. I tore it out and rewrote “i wish i could be the best version of MYSELF”. All those wishes weren’t mine. A true wish wouldn’t take up all the paper. It is just one word that is all encompassing and brings bliss and isn’t something that triggers stress.

I walked up to my parents, i apologised but i never regretted taking a step on my own and making my own decisions. The only regret i had was making decisions based on my spirit of comparison,envy and jealousy. Deep down i felt better, i had learnt from my experience and now i will not make the same mistake but i will instead make a better decision for myself.

I dropped my wish list. It is better to commit suicide that fufiling wishes that are not mine.




Hey guys!…today marks one year since i started blogging and i have to say that it has been a lovely journey,a rollercoaster with you guys supporting me with your lovely comments.

I thank you so much for your active participation on my stories. Mehn!…so much love for you guys๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–. I will love to continue and i pray you support me on this my journey.

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Every story has an ending,every ending has its start point,every disappointment was once an euphoria. Not everything that glitters is gold.

The candle lights flickered along with the throbbing sound of the rain hitting against the sagged roof. The roof sagged and the cedar shingles stuck up in places like wonky teeth. The windows barely had glass in them and they seemed not to be quite rectangular anymore. The creaked wooden floor was were chike lay.

Vexatious odour oozed within the house as droplets of rain dripped on the creaked wood. “Why did dad leave us“he asked his mum who was busy praying s

Mum!…answer me!”he screamed.

Your dad was suicidal“Sandra replied,tranquil. She was an evidence of great placidity.

Says a girl who barely knows how she looks like” Chike replied irately and his mum issued him an abiding slap.

I’m warning you for the 199th time…don’t you ever make fun of her eyesight…how can you forget how you pushed her off the hill 14yrs ago! And now you insult her for the consequence of your own rough behaviour?

Don’t mum!…he is right I’m not in the position to answer that…” Sandra said before she was interrupted.

Good you know that…you will never be my sister!never!” Chike shouted before storming out and into the rain.

Its gonna be alright” Chike’s mother consoled and Sandra forced a smile.

Though everyday was dark for Sandra, she could find her way around having lived there with Chike and his mum for 15 years. She therefore could find her way around.

She tackled her way round the forest with her stick. She felt a strange presence behind her,she paused. Suddenly,she tripped and fell unto masculine hands. “Fejam…are you there?” She asked.


Doctor…how many days do i have left?” Chike’s mother asked as the doctor did a quick check on her.

You just have a week“…a tear flowed down her cheeks as she held unto the doctors hands. “Please do me a favour…transplant my cornea to my adopted child Sandra as soon as I’m gone“she said between chokes and the doctor nodded. As soon as she was home,she called out to sandra

Are you back?…i have mixed your medicine” Sandra said tapping her hands around and chike’s mum held unto it and assisted her to the bed. She gulped the medicine.

Did you find chike?” She asked and Sandra answered

i will search for him in the forest again mum” then she moved out.

As she dug deeper into the forest,she felt a strange presence behind her again. She tripped and fell unto a masculine hand and she muttered “fejam…is that you?”…

yes“the person responded and she smiled.

I need more of those drugs…i cant wait to see again…i have waited so long for this”.

Where is my money first!”the person barked and she squeezed some notes and handed it over before sneaking back into the house and at each point she would trip on stones and curse her sight but rejoice at the forthcoming blessing. ….


Done!”the doctor concluded the transplant. The ray of light pierced her eyes like a lightening and she shrieked. She never believed she would ever see the light after that tragic fall 14yrs ago. From the room,she could hear Chike mourning his mum. Though,she struggled to fight her tears,it poured down like a river. She wished she had instead used the drugs on him. Though the drug takes years to kill,she wished it was him and not his mum but she knew quite well he wouldn’t opt to donate his eyes to her instead he might take her defected eyes also.

Just how could he forget he was the cause of my eye defect!…he mocks me every now and then but now look how i made him cry…i wish he cries forever” she swore.

And just then…she looked through the window and saw fejam in chains with the cops around him. He smirked,raised a finger and pointed at her…

She might end up seeing her death….

Every story has an ending,every ending has its start point,every disappointment was once an euphoria. Not everything that glitters is gold. BEYOND SIGHT.

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There was once fragile souls living in an absolutely gracious house. Shrubs and trees sprang through rich soil.

The sky was tainted light blue while the birds,in glee flew across singing loudly in beautiful rhythms.

Oh!the days when joy danced.

Wo! to him who grew the weeds amongst rich seeds.

A curse be upon him who cast the serpent to those souls which had been excluded as “the repentant”.

Decayed shall he be in burning flames but he shall never burn to ash,he must feel the shame!

My wrath be upon “she” who listened to the hiss of the snake,now she would have to kiss a burning stake.

Too bad,her lips will get burnt but i say, she will have to feel my wrath.

I tell you,i will increase your trouble in pregnancy and your pain in giving birth. This is your fate on earth.

How great is your sight?

How sweet was the fruit?

How great is my might?

How bitter is truth?

Now you desire cloths.

Man i tell you;for yee sacrifised your ears to the woman and disobeyed me,yee shall sacrifice your rest to satisfy your thirst here on earth.

Curse be upon the corny serpent. For yee think wise of himself,so shall he bite the dust and crawl on his belly, now, how wise are you?

Away with you humans.

Now you know good and bad so now, man shall not eat from the tree that gives life.

You shall desert this place with your wife.

This is the chronicles of the evolution of the world today. A synopsis of your unsalable life.

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BLURRED CRIMSON #short story

It was a week ago when i saw an inscription outside my house which read ”

Slowly and tacitly,i moved deeper into the room,i could hear faint steps behind me. Who was there?…i imagined. I was home alone,my husband had gone on a business trip to Dubai. I clenched the door knob and threw the door wide open,pointing a touch at the darkened spaces around the room. Suddenly,the lights came on and i spun around to find out who was there.

Discreetly, i moved down stairs,to my sitting room. I began to hear sounds in my head. It was a month ago that my husband and i moved into this house and i was already beginning to get the scary idea a demon within.

I could feel something behind me as i walked down the stairs. Someone was humming behind me so i spun around only to be thrown off balance and then i was rolling down the stairs.

My head throbbed in pain and for some minutes,i couldn’t feel my legs. My sight was blurred but i could see a shadow walk pass me and into my kitchen. I staggered from the cold floor,my legs shivering in fear.

As i placed a foot halfway into the kitchen,i heard a loud clack at the window so i drew closer discreetly and steadily. My heart rate was like that of a speed boat. I forcefully pulled open the window blinds and searched around,there was no one there. “Anyone there?” I shouted from the window, no one but the smell of imminent rain greeted back. I horridly shut the window as the rain began to beat against it.

I took a sharp glance at the clock and it was 2:00am. Fear gripped me. The last time i had checked,it was just 11pm and i haven’t stayed around for 3hrs. “No way!…is someone there?” I asked again but this time my voice was weighed on cracks,breaking at the end of each word.

Suddenly,i started feeling dizzy,my sight was blurred and things began to appear twice. The stairs seemed like it would never end but i still pushed forward. I might possibly be feeling sleepy.

I staggered back to my room and crashed on my bed with my eyes pierced at the ceiling. Like a flash,my blurred sight cleared and i could see perfectly. On recognising what was staring back at me from the ceiling,i screamed and breezed out of the room.

I kept sprinting to no particular destination. A strange being had glued itself to the ceiling,its eyes were bulging while it had the structure of a skeleton. It was staring back at me.

I felt an almost gentle touch on my shoulders by an unfamiliar being,my heart throbbed and then all i could see was darkness. Was this my end?

My eyes felt weighed by stones as i struggled to open them. I figuratively groped around and back to my self conscious,i was lying back on my bed. Just who the hell is messing with me

I was getting furious and agitated. I untangled myself from the duvet placed around me and kicked back to action. Its that demon and me in this together. As i closed the door behind me,it locked instantly. Now,my head hurt and i felt pressed,i needed to use the toilet unless i might turn my corridor to a urine factory.

As soon as i was done and about to flush it out,i looked into the toilet and my urine had turned to blood. I rubbed my eyes and repeated it again,yet the same vision. I screamed and sprang out of the toilet. “I have to call the police and yes,my neighbors might help” i muttered. As i ran down the stairs,i heard the cry of a baby from the room upstairs.

Its all a trap…no i wont fall for it!” I said as i called the line. Surprisingly and unbelievably,network was out and i couldn’t reach both the police or my husband. I tried a thousand times but all to nothing. My teeth was gnashing as the cry of the baby escalated to a scream.

I heard the sound of a car and i hurried to the door and tried pulling it open but all that resulted was me pulling out the door knob. Just great!…now I’m trapped in here

I thought,if i couldn’t open it then i would break it and scream aloud. I got hold of a heavy furniture and hit it against the door but to my greatest amusement,my television was what got broken. I screamed, rigorously hitting against the door but each time other furniture’s got broken and the door was without a scratch. Again,i screamed,my sweat dripping along with the rain. I could see a man outside from the door peep but it seemed he couldn’t hear me screaming. I couldn’t see his face either.

I rushed up the stairs to check on the baby who hushed abruptly. I threw open the door and turned on the lights. Someone was sitting on the chair,backing me. “Who are you!”i backed irately and it turned around and in seconds it was squeezing my neck. I struggled in its grip,chocking. It wasn’t a human,more like a dead person. A person that once lived in the house. “Die!…die!” It muttered in a deep voice and then everything turned black. My husband shouldn’t have gone on that journey. I guess the inscription meant a lot.

Now i wait in the house,trapped. Forever here until i kill another,then i shall leave this world of torture. But for now,i wait on this chair for the next person so i would be free to die peacefully. Who could that person be?

And just then,my husband walked in.