I lay in cold sweat,all caged in my grief nest.

The truth inside,something not worthy of pride,better untold than to unfold the shameful bride. So let it slide..

This story i wont tell,better for it to be sheathed in hell.

Everyday,i hear the horror bell,i can smell hell,because it dwells here..In me.

Hands caged against my neck. The devil will tell the rest.

The sinful horror,

my painful grief,

His sinful bliss.

Was i made to lay at the mercy of Lucifer?

Someone call the priest to bring the crucifer.

The hurtful screams of my agonizing tribe,the vision still hard to imbibe.

A group of girls with shape like pearls, harassed by the cold hands of men with lands.

I was same like them.

Locked up in the evil den.

Wasn’t there any other solution to poverty?

Why was i made a slave to snobbery?

Why was i sold?

I wish i was told.

Screaming voices,whispering fear,painful laughter,i was made to suffer.

Years passed by,leaving no trace of my past life.

One person,

Life’s lesson,

Brings blessing.

I met a boy,he cast his lot and met my heart. His ravishing name being Garth.

The years passed by, leaving the past behind like an impertinent fly.

I survived this life and hit a bullseye.

Scars still there,no one can see them and stare.

Sadness,a reoccurring pain.

Happiness,an everlasting joy.

My past is my past and now i think i would move with my present.

I have made my choice.

Now let me hear your voice.





I threw my bags and books on the table and sat clumsily on the chair. My name is Jason and this is my story

“How could i do such a stupid thing damn!”i yelled and just then,two squirrels worked in to hike the pain.

“Mehn…i heard about that shit that happened between you and tessie…mehn…” the first squirrel said

“I love the location boy!…inside a comfortable house!”

“Shut up you dirty squirrels!”i screamed and stood on my feet. My friends were the last thing i needed right now. I grabbed my bag knowing they would follow after me but i pretended not to know and so i pushed forward without turning back.

“Listen man! It couldn’t really be that bad…i mean the s..”

“Sauce”my second friend completed and they gave me a weird smile. I knew the news about i and tessie had gone round school and so they didn’t have to hide it.

“It was just a mistake”i said and then spun around to marsh with my fear. She stood with her face down to the floor and her books pressed to her chest with her palms. I could tell she was refusing to stare at me. Sweat creased her forehead. It was awkward to just be gazing at her and so i said

“How are you?”

Honestly i didn’t know when that came out of my mouth. That was the worst thing to say to her after… after what had happened between us some days ago. The same words was what i had uttered before it all went down. It started with a heated argument. I didn’t care if we were reading partners before. All i did was rain insults on her for spreading disgusting news about my dad who was a very popular bussiness man. That day,my friends had told me how she fisted the class with news about my dad which later went viral by my course mates publication on their blogs. My dad lost a great deal that could fetch us great money. Along with that,his reputation was tarnished and some business agreements were revoked. I knew it wasn’t a lie but i am my dads only son and only child after my mum left us for her new lover. I was also his heir to his big company in Texas and i a filthy girl who i called my friend messed it up. She said he was a womanizer who slept with his secretaries and she wasn’t wrong but he wasn’t like that before. It was after my mum had left me and my dad when i was 5. I grew up despising women. To,me,they were cruel being. I never felt the presence of a mother in my life. My dad told me i cried when my mother left and she didn’t care to turn around just to console her crying 5yr old son.

I was bitter that night and so i went to her house. I discovered no one was at home and so i had the opportunity to to destroy her reputation also and make her lose all she had being that she wasn’t a slutty girl but a bookworm to be precise. That night,i raped her without thinking twice.

The hot heated touch from the sun touched our skin later that morning and along with it came the burning guilty heart of mine roaring its merciless pain inside me for the bitter truth spoken. A woman stood at the foot of our defiled bed with tears raining down her cheeks and i could remember i didn’t shut the door last night.

“Mum!” Tessie shouted with tears flowing down her cheeks. I was ready for my penalty and so i stood up and threw my clothes back on and stood face to face with her mother. I didn’t know what was happening to me at that moment but the sudden feeling of anger that trifled within me was not normal. I felt like slicing the woman’s throat. I walked out so as not to Commit more crimes. I was surprised when she let me go instead of calling me back or calling the corps on me. I heard tessie shout in anger

“Mum!will you just stand there like you don’t care?….mum!”

Just then,her mother began weeping loudly. The whole scene was irritating and annoying and so i decided leaving before any further harm could be caused. As i spun around once more to take my leave,my dad was standing at the door looking drained of strength. I moved toward him praying nothing was wrong being that he was crying for the first time after the day mum left.

“Dad!how did you get here? Whats wrong??” I asked and he pointed at the woman standing and wailing. I looked back at him and he said

“She is your mother”…

“Hey man!!!what are you thinking about!!”my friends shouted. Releasing me from,mg thought.

“Where is my sister”i shouted in recognition of my environment.

“Which sister?”my friends asked and i almost died. They shouldn’t know about my family and its problems. They shouldn’t know Tessie is my step sister. The child my mother bore for her lover. They should never know. It will only tarnish my image more. Its better if it remains between us. My mum couldn’t do anything neither did my parents come back together. I guess revenge was not so sweet after all,its a shameful thing to revenge or harbour a grudge no matter how deep it is. It will only lead to shame and another regret. I wont be able to face Tessie. My name is Jason and this is my story

HEY LOVERS! I will love to see your own opinion,about revenge. IS IT EASY TO LET GO OF WHAT REALLY HURT YOU?πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ



It was a very dark night with no adornment from the stars and the moon also failed to creep in to illuminate the darkness. The fog made it worse. I walked along the deserted road as my past experience lingered in my mind. I staggered with my foot moving side to side. I fell a thousand times but still managed to get up. In my head were hazy images of a young 9yr old girl strangling a middle aged man with her little palms. Unable to end his life with her fragile palms,she broke a branch of a tree and stabbed him with its sharp edge. I had no idea about what had happened but all i knew was that i had to find out the secrete behind her powers. All i wanted to do for the night was to finalise my deal with Mr Johnson whom she had just killed before i could finalise our drug deal. She dug into the darkness and the fog of the night shaded her as she pushed forward but too bad, it couldn’t shade her from me. The little brat spoilt my deal and surely had to pay. As i walked behind her,i noticed she twisted her head backward each time as though she knew i was following her. She stopped at a gate and i could see her smiling but i couldn’t tell why. I struggled to read the inscription on the wall beside the gate but i couldn’t. She moved in and i hurried after her so as not to loose sight of her.

The fog amplified and i couldn’t see a thing. The girl had disappeared immediately the fog got lighter and my heart raced. I scanned the area and the sight before me was horrifying. Thousands of graves were assembled in perfect arrangement in the area and my brain put two points together and arrived at the thought of a grave yard. My inner body suddenly felt cold and my legs were shivering. I looked back and the gate were i had arrived was not there anymore. I thought i was crazy. I felt it only happened in the movies. I ran to no direction in particular and fell into a hole. I struggled in utmost madness as though i was about to die. I screamed but i couldn’t hear my voice so i shut up because it was useless. I looked down and discovered i was in an empty grave. I wondered how a dead body could leave its grave. I ran out without care as to whether i had my shoes on. I was barefooted but i ran until i could see a small house. It looked like it had been abandoned for years but my fear was greater than a creepy looking house. I ran into the house and shut the door. I spun around to survey the house and a massive face with red eyes and tangled hair was my first encounter. I didn’t scream because i had no voice so i stayed at a spot in fright. It pulled me to a chair and tied me up

“Do you recognise me?it said

“You don’t even have a face to be recognised”i answered with no clue as to how i had regained my voice.

“Why wont a killer recognise his prey” it said and reached out to grab a photo from my pocket. My brain went on an overdrive,piecing moments together and arriving at point. I had killed her some weeks ago after i discovered she had overheard my conversation with my partner over a drug deal. I was sure she was going to report to the police and so i decided to end it there. Less did i ever expect to see her again.

“I was just a little girl who didn’t even understand what was going on and you killed me despite how i begged you”it said and i clasped my hands together in plea

“Please forgive me”i,said

“You will never learn your lesson unless you learn what it feels to be dead” it said and immediately pierced a sharp metal through me and i could now see my lifeless body on the wooden chair creaking back and forth on the wooden floor. In disbelieve,i sat back on the chair hoping i would stand up but i didn’t stand with my body. Suddenly my body stood and started moving and i followed it until it moved out of the graveyard gate and then stopped and smiled at me. That was when i notice it could see me. It smiled just like the way the little girl smiled and then i knew she had possessed my own body and was going to be living my life. I cried aloud knowing my family was going to be her first target.

“Hope you know what it feels like to be dead!” She said and dug into the street while the dark night shaded her falsehood in its fog. No one is going to know she is dead.







It was a Saturday morning and i staggered up my bed and strode to the sitting room when i heard a loud echo of laughter. It was my dad and mum laughing in the sitting room as usual but their position made bile rise up my throat. My mum was sitting on his lap and my dads hands were placed around her waist. They caught sight of me and distangled themselves.

“Kendra..what are you doing over there?.come over here and why are you all dressed so early in the morning?”

I moved closer to them and smiled. I loved my family very much. We were very close and the love between my parents triggered butterflies in my tommy. My younger brother was the comedian in the family. He was only 8 and i was 17 turning 18 today and so i had dressed up to hang out with my friends before coming home for the usual family party with my brother and parents to be precise.

“Mum I’m going to hangout with my friends for a while…i will be back by 6pm” i replied and strode to my brothers room to check on him before i left. I pulled the door open and was emotionally stroke by the lightening of his action. He ran towards me and hugged me but his little hands could only reach for my lap and so i bent down so as not to stress him. I kissed his fat cheeks and looked into his ocean blue eyes. I always described the beauty of his blue eyes and all he did was write them in a piece of paper. I didn’t know why he did that but i guess it was one of his childish games. Just before i left,i described it one’s more saying

“Your eyes are blue and blue is the shade of the sea”

I kissed him once more and strode out. It was fun hanging out with my friends. We went to the park,beach and other fun centres. It was around 7:00pm and i had broken my promise to my parents but i was really having fun with my friends. One of my friends suggested we go to the club and i agreed. I knew they will be expecting me at home but this was my 18th birthday and i wanted to make it a memorable one. They called severally but i switched my phone off.

It was around 1:00am and my friends took me to a dark mystery house.

“You are turning 18 girl. You have to be brave so let me teach you how to be as brave as an adult.. right friends?” One of my friends suggested and we agreed on it. I was dared to take a particular letter from inside the strange house. I asked them how they knew about it and they told me it was a normal game they played on anyone who was turning 18 and there was no problem at all. The doors of the house were broken and the windows were also broken. The darkness of the house gave me the false image that i was blind because i couldn’t see anything. As i strode inside all alone,i heard faint steps behind me and i spun around but there was no one there. My heart was racing and my legs were shivering. I called out my friends name but there was no reply, only the continuous echo of my scream lingered in the house but i pushed further and finally got hold of the letter. A hand held me tight on my wrist and i struggled to free myself of its grip. I pulled out of its grip and ran without turning back. I got out and my friends weren’t there anymore. I called out but there was no reply. I finally found my way home,satisfied that it was all over. I quietly strode to my room. It was 2am. I sat on my bed and unwrapped the letter. It was a very strange letter with a strange language that i couldn’t understand. I tried reading again but i only got dizzy by the minute and so i stopped. I layed back on my bed before a sharp sound resonated in my ears. I ran out of my room and the sight before me was frightening. I screamed and i was sure i was going to loose my voice. A huge thing with one eye and massive legs with its tongue adorned with thorns was in my house It was a thing,i mean a creature. It wasn’t a normal human but it was cutting my dad into half’s and murmuring with a dragon voice


I stood agape for some seconds and then began throwing furniture’s at it. It groaned in anger and wanted to reach out and tear me apart and then my mum blocked it and i saw it tear her apart before my eyes and the last voice i heard of her was her scream and then blood splashed at my face. It walked towards me and then everything went black.

I woke up in a room. Memories of last night flushed in my head and i reached out and held the collar of the person in front of me who was wearing a white labcoat.

“What happened to my parents and were is my brother?” I asked and the doctor said

“The police managed to come around at the last minute and saved you and your brother. He has some minor issues due to the experience and is in the next room. That creature also ate some girls close to a mystery house. Well..don’t worry. Please you,need to rest.”

I couldn’t believe my friends and parents were dead. I knew i couldn’t tell my brother it was my fault but he will know one day and hate me for that but let that be for later. I shouldn’t have taken the letter. I ran out of the room and saw my innocent 8yr only brother lying on the hospital bed. I ran to him and kissed his fat cheeks as usual. He slightly opened his eyes and gave out a wide smile. I felt guilty deep within. He still smiled despite being sad. He smiled in the midst of pain and i cried harder. As usual,he picked up his jotter to write my new quote and i was surprised but i had to make him happy. Between chokes and as tears rolled down my cheeks,i said.

“You are very sweet,your eyes are blue and blue is for beloved”




A daring girl you were

Adorned with the beauty of the night and your eyes revealed the secrets of the star.

We found love in a hopeless place filled with fights and lies.

A forbidden love,a boundless affection,a craving passion, led to the non fated union of two redundant ties.

A liar,a cheat,a poseur.

You transformed and made him a king and you,his queen

I surely didn’t deserve that.

Fleets of cars, mansion,investments,I had none. So why did you decide to stay?

I lied to you didn’t I?

I insulted you didn’t I?

My friends were tired of my fake life and so they deserted me.

Everyone rejected me and I despised life.

I wanted to be what I wasn’t.

Rich and famous was my watchword.

Why was it then you chose to come to my aid with your beautiful smile and consoling words backup by your sooting voice.

I fell in love with you despite my disbelief in love. I didn’t have money but you offered to throw billions at my request.

I didn’t want you to do all this for me. I wanted to show you I could do this.

Don’t worry,sit down and i would find a way to make you happy,I said. A single jewelry I could not afford.

I howled when I couldn’t see my queen with a single jewelry on Valentine’s day when everyone flattered their queens with one.

Just one last move and I would have bought you the universe. Taking you places you have never been before.

I would have given you all the Money you deserved rather than vise versa. I made the move but it was futile.

My love!,the walls of this prison is dirty just like my act of stealing from the politician.

My love, my urge to see you is killing me slowly and I pray my jail term ends and I get to see you.

My love please forgive me for I lack the qualities of a man. Forgive me for stealing for I didn’t know he was your dad. An ordinary politician i thought he was.

Though I hold this specialty in my dry chained hands. I’m glad to see you in a white gown but the man holding you is not me.

I just want to say

Couldn’t you pose better in the picture?

Why is his leg bent like that?

You look like an ostrich Eva.

Remember we teased each other this way?

I wish you could hear me laughing from over here. Don’t pay attention to me I’m teasing you my love.

Your wedding picture is nice. You look beautiful as ever. He could afford that expensive ring and so he deserved you.

We can’t communicate like we did before but my only wish is that you accept my letters to you.




The saying;”the darkest part of the night is just before dawn”was correct but could this also mean that the brightest days occurred before the darkest night?…was this meant to apply to me?

I bore deep into the forest, shoving branches away and my legs moving on its own accord while my body staggered side to side like a drunken old man. The last thing i wanted was to quit running. The silent racing of soldiers from a distance triggered my movement and I began shedding tears to my forthcoming death. The dark night illuminated by the full moon made my situation negatively “better” being that I couldn’t see were I was heading to. The ultimate silence of the forest and the squeaking songs of the bats was all i heard. I have been trapped in this dark forest for years with no one but myself after I was betrayed by the woman i trusted the most in the world,my mother. My throne was snatched from under my nose and I didn’t see it coming. I had no idea who they had given the throne to and I couldn’t do anything about it because I had lost my senses. They locked me up at the end of a forest where no one could imagine and I lived there for years.

I had to run away from there as fast as I could and I knew they wouldn’t let me be. The soldiers screamed;

“Catch that psycho”

And then I heard my brother call out

“Javerine come back no one is gonna hurt you”

It was his voice that was the solution to my problems and the cure to my pain and lost senses. I smiled at him and reached out to hug him. I looked at him in the eyes and began laughing and he played along. The whole truth was hidden behind his smile. My whole pain was written on his palms while my lost senses was a part of his brain. My cure was right before me and as soon as he turned after kissing me the “Judas” kiss,I stabbed him at the back of his head and he died at the spot. The soldiers reached out and dragged me to the palace where I could see the second culprit,my mother whom I had discovered wasn’t really my mother but my step mother and the mother to my step brother who I had just killed. They fooled me for years and now,it was my turn to fool them. I knelt at the foot of her thrown and stared into her bloody eyes tired from weeping for her treacherous son. Beside her was her dearest adopted daughter,Megan..whom she loved so much and was sure would support her in any situation. They looked like demons and she screamed

“Take him out of here and kill him”

That was the same order she gave when she executed my father,the dethroned king,in the public market after usurping the thrown through a revolt. I begged at her feet but she took me in her arms and fed lies to me,saying my dad had committed treachery and there was no way she could save him. With the false image of my true mother, she kissed me and shed fake tears. My false brother walked in and acted same. The memories of the past kept haunting me until they tied me to a stake outside the market with an inscription”treacherous son of dethroned king Javier” .Tears rolled down my cheeks just like the first time I was sneaked out of the palace after she had fed me lies that the ministers will plead my death as a result of my fathers treachery. They took me out of the palace and into the woods were i lived for years and lost my memory before a girl i called”black girl” took pity on me and helped me regain my memory. She was also the one behind my pretence of being a psycho.

As the swordsman danced around me in preparation for killing me,a thousand arrows swung across me,killing thousand of soldiers. I expected that and I was released in seconds. It was all part of the plan I had with the “black girl”. It was my time to revolt for the injustice played on my life. A thousand soldiers ran from behind the bushes were I had instructed them to hide and slaughter my so-called mother’s soldiers. I moved into the palace where she was hiding. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. She was always there for me from my childhood up to when I was a teenager. Wiping my tears and cuddling me,kissing my cheeks and dancing with me,strolling round the palace hand in hand and also breastfeeding me. All this she did knowing she wasn’t my real mother. I dropped my sword and knelt before her.

“Why did you betray me!” I screamed and she cried harder. She held my face in her soft hands and smiled. She fell on my sword and onto my arms. Bitter as she was,she was like a mother and I let all my pain out.

“She only took you in as a son because she looked forward to taking the thrown from you and handing it over to her son. She knew that if she took you as her son,you would have a soft spot for her. She had planned it all …don’t be upset javerine” my step mothers adopted daughter,megan spoke and I spun around. She wore a black robe as usual,just like the first time I saw her and named her after the robe “black girl”. I noded in approval to her statement. It was obviously true and I said

“Thank you….thank you black girl Megan”

Yes,it was applicable but not to me!




Just like every normal human,I staggered off my bed and trudged to my bathroom. It was around 6am and the dark blue hue of the sky was fading for the bright light of the full morning to glow. I moved out of the bathroom, and that was when the awful horror laid its icy hands on my brain. I just remembered it was Valentine,the worst day of the year. The day that forces me to break up with my girlfriends. I ran towards my bed,throwing my pillows,bedspread and the disgusting cat that my Dad bought for me which vexed my spirit each morning with its itching meows. I looked at it and it gave me a sad look,that wasn’t going to work on me. With a great accumulated energy without reflex,I threw it away and I think it landed on the door. I continued searching for my life saver,my phone.

“God please…let it not ring” I cooed. I found it buried under my rug and I picked it up and shut it down. I hived a sigh of relief and collapsed face flat on my bed.

Problem solved….

My first problem on Valentine was money. I didn’t want to break up with this particular girl because I liked her. She was different and I couldn’t treat her like the other girls who I had broken up with on Valentine’s day because I couldn’t afford the many gifts they requested. The last one I had broken up with was the deadliest. She made a list of all the gift she wanted and I just sat on the chair,watching the list unfold in steps. The list might have been up to a hundred being that the paper were she wrote all of them rolled from the table down to the floor. I was a very simple man, so I took the list,folded it back for her and dropped it inside her bag. I was also a gentle man and so I carried her bag and dropped it with a taxi man who I later paid to take her home. I was just being a perfect man. As soon as she got home,she sent me a text

“Poor wrenched fool!”

That was a painful insult but its all in the past.

Right now,I didn’t want this special girl to call me like she did every morning. If she called me,I was sure she was going to say something about valentine gift and all the girly shit so I switched off my phone before any harm could be caused. I picked up my iPod and began playing some games. With utmost satisfaction, I checked for the time and it was now 8am. I reached for my door and pulled it open. Perplexed rotten corpse,gnashing teeth and swollen eyeballs was the perfect way to describe my expression as I stared at her. She had come with a bright smile and arms wide open and I think she said something like


…what freaking deadly surprise!crazy bitch!,I was glad I didn’t say that

I couldn’t hear properly because my ears were auto-closing at the moment. She hugged me and I couldn’t help but force a smile. I am sure she thought she was making me happy. To be sincere,right now I was like something left hanging on a rope to be slaughtered by a machete. She sat on my bed and crossed her leg. She was trying to seduce me thinking I will throw all my money on her for her exposed legs.

Mehn!what a surprise…happy val baby” I said,in the false image of a happy man and she smiled. Right now,the only person that could help me was my friend chike Nelson. He was my best friend and we shared everything . He dates my ex’s and I didn’t really care because I did same. The simple fact is that we share ex’s. He saves me each time my girlfriend’s made this irritating surprise val visit. He knew how to really cook up lies and finally make the girl change her mind as to having the Valentine gift on that day. He would say

“Don’t worry…trust your boyfriend..he would give you the gift in a sweet way tomorrow”

And finally,I never gave them the gift because I broke up with my them that same day. As I watched her smile her white teeth to my face,I prayed chike nelson arrived and just then, I heard a knock. I reached for the door and saw chike standing with a rose in his hand. I wondered if he had turned gay for Valentine so i smaked the flower away and whispered

“My guy!…abeg help me out

He looked at me with confused eyes before my girlfriend said

“What do you have for me chike my love..you could have chose another venue..why here?”

I was confused as I watched chike move to my girl friend and place the rose on the left side of her hair and kiss her hand. He had just come to my house to intimidate me. I wanted to slap the living daylight out of his possibly malfunctioned brain. I grabbed his shirt and he said

“Mehn!calm down man…haven’t you broken up with this one already?..why are you getting so angry”...I wondered how someone could spit so much stupidity in seconds.

did I tell you I did?’ I screamed

That was when everything became clear and I found out that he was now dating my girlfriend and she never told me because he had already feasted her with my yearly Valentine breakup routine and she had believed and moved on before I could even say a word. I didn’t want to do same to her. Every year I had broken up with girls on valentine but its the other way round this year. She broke up with me even before valentine and my friend was the culprit. He pleaded after I had almost punched his soul out

“I thought you normally breakup with your girlfriends man! Am soo sorry I didn’t know you wouldn’t”

They walked out of my room and I collapsed on the bed. It was 10am and I was hungry so i walked to the fridge to find something to eat and I saw my girlfriend, I mean ex and my friend eating their faces.

“Get the hell out of my kitchen and house you squirrels!”

My valentine wasn’t so bad after all,I saw my friend’s credit card in her hands so i knew he was in for something leaving his bank and I was safe from that soo..I let them go. Happy valentine…..

Hey guys!!!!! Its almost valentine. MY PLAN IS TO SLEEP ALL DAY!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚WHAT IS YOURS OR HOW IS IT GOING?πŸ™„



A bright light shown through the darkness of the night on the 5th of February 2005 was horrifying but it led to something beautiful. What would I have done without you… I ponder on my bed each day and then you will walk in with a tray burdened with spicy hot food ready to be devoured. You did that each morning and I wished I could…

“What are you thinking about?” He asked and I smiled. I didn’t know what to say, how to start explaining how much I loved him. His hands explored my cheeks,robbing them gently like I was a child and I turned red. He looked at me with love struck eyes and I could remember the first time he did that. I was a barista and he walked into the coffee shop as usual with pride hovering over his head. His arms were broad like he was an empire about to conquer a little nation. He ordered for a coffee and i fulfilled his wish. I didn’t know why he stared at me with love struck eyes but I ignored him and continued with my work. I was hungry at that moment and my boss didn’t give me a moment to rest. I loved eating and so the saying

A hungry man is an angry man

Applied to me. He asked for another coffee after Intentionally spilling the last one on the floor,giving me double work. I shut him a stern gaze and added a lot of sugar to the new coffee to teach him a lesson. He started spitting it out like an epileptic person. I winked at him and thanked God my boss allowed me to take off for the day. I wasn’t in for any sort of lousy romance.

It was on my way going home that everything changed. I heard silly sounds behind me and spun around when the sound got louder but it was too late. The car drove recklessly and I was left on the ground while the culprit zoomed off. I couldn’t feel anything but my half-opened eyes could see some nurses running around and then everything went black. I woke up to his bulgy eyes and I pierced it with my fingers despite my body being weak. I didn’t know how he got there but it seemed like he was following me,but for what? To be sincere,his eyes at that moment could worsen my sickness so I had no option but to save myself the pain of his owl eyes by poking it. He screamed in pain and raised his hands. He wanted to slap the hell out of me but thank goodness I was ill. I wondered how his hands on my face at that moment would have felt. I would have died but he didn’t slap me. He called the doctors and they checked up on me. They reported that I was paralysed for life and I couldn’t believe it ..the look on his face made me scared the more. He held my hand all night and I felt safe for the first time after a very long time after my parents had died and my brother followed them after a year. I cried through the night and I could hear him crying also. For all the time I spent staying at the hospital,he brought me food and joined me in watching my best tv station which he hated so much. It was “cartoon network”. I knew I was too old to be watching that being that I was 19 years. He sat beside me swallowing all his pain while I laughed at his sour expression on his face. I didn’t feel lonely. I asked him if he didn’t want to go back to his normal life and he said he didn’t have a home. I was a straight forward person so I told him I would not love to be in a relationship with him and he laughed and said

” but we are already in a relationship”

I wanted to slap his face but he dudged and I couldn’t hit him so I started crying because I couldn’t move my legs. He came closer to me and began pleading for reminding me of my disability. He slapped himself with my hands a thousand times and began crying. He held my legs and started moving them and screaming

“It isn’t possible.. You can walk..no!no! Never! stand up tinashe..stand please” that was when the doctors took him away and I recalled the only person that could call me that name was my brother . That was the name he gave me because I loved a singer named “tinashe”. I requested to see him and he sat beside me and leaned against my shoulder and began whistling. I could remember the rhythm of his whistle. He always did that to me when I cried each time my parents fought. I broke down in tears and held his head tighter to my shoulder. I have lived like a lifeless human for years without a family. I lived a silent and boring life and now that I could see something to cure my boredom,I have been limited in movement but that was better. Now,I have someone who loves and cares for me and though I have been limited,I don’t feel it because seeing him once more has satisfied my every wish and I would prefer to loose every part of my body than to see him absent in my life for the second time.

” what are you thinking about that is making you cry again sis” he asked and I smiled and hugged him. I know he has questions to ask me but I just want to feel him in my arms. I’m happy he saw me walk, even though it was for some hours it was okay. At least he saw me on my feet and I’m okay I still have my hands working fine. I’m blessed… At least I can feel him.

“I want to watch gumball..put cartoon network”

He opened his mouth and then closed it. He looked at me and then we started laughing.

The beginning of a beautiful horror.

Hey guys!!!… Has anyone lost contact with his/her sibling before?? That is the most painful experienceπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯



I picked up the pieces of your broken heart

Your heart was like a shore with broken glass

The past of which was less endearing

Filled with sorrowful experiences domineering.

Tell me if you still feel that way right now and I will walk my way to mars and back for you to see a beautiful dawn.

I don’t mind repeating it a thousand times.

Its alright if you could just look at me with a ravishing smile.

I can remember that ouspicious day when i found you in the mist of dim lights and reverberating music with busy bodies dancing and drinking their souls away.

You looked a little bit stressed and then i asked you for a dance but you staggered all through.

I noticed that girl was not you.

I sheltered you in my hotel and strengthened you with my love.

We blossomed like flowers and you were the nectar but some butterfly sucked you away and with that, I withered.

How cruel the world seemed?

How wicked would I have been to exact a wicked grim which would be a sin.

It was your idea for me to kill you. I couldn’t my love. That would be mean.

No matter how much I tried,i could not do it. I don’t care the sickness or pain,nothing will make me hurt you nor leave you because I love you.

The doctor said you have cancer but all I see is slander.

It can’t be true. I will always spend everyday with you.

You told me you look awful with all your hair gone and I told you that you will always be a rare gem.

You kept on smiling and my withered soul blossomed. I put a ring on your finger and your eyes watered.

I woke up each day,seeing you beside me.

A coffee or two for you?

A moment under the sun?

A walk in the park?

A dance through the night?

I had to choose.

I wanted something that wouldn’t stress you and so I chose, a coffee or two?

I was done with your coffee so i asked

“A coffee for Nectar,my darling”

Why wasn’t there any reply?

Why didn’t you say anything?

You could have moved your body just a little.

You could have smiled at me.

Its okay,I won’t stress you.

Rest in peace.

This cruel world has sucked you out of my life for good but….

I would make sure I never turn a fool as to forget my revenge on life for the sour food.

Just watch me from above as I pick up the pieces of you.