A walk to remember

Laura moved into her room and sat on the legde of her window, staring at moving vehicles .she took out her laptop and placed it on the table.she scrolled through wikipedia,searching for answers to the test in which she failed despite reading thoroughly. She could remember her friend mucking her ,saying

“You read so much,gush!i bet you will pass”

But the outcome was nothing like what her friends had said.she had failed more than one of her friends who spent all night making night calls with different boys.laura bit her lip as tears rolled down her face.she shut her laptop and bowed her head on the table.she felt a soft touch at her back and she jerked up and stared into the eyes of her mother.she wiped her tears and forced a smile.

“Mum?how ..did…you..get ..here”she said between chokes

Her mother stared at her and grabbed her by her hands. She pulled her to the sitting room and sat her down on the sofa.she picked up a brown envelope and threw it at her face.

“What is this?”her mum asked with a furious facial expression

Laura squeezed the paper and stared at the ground,fully aware of what it was.it was her result and it was a total mess.she couldn’t believe she had got straight c’s in all her courses despite reading very hard.she knew the next word that would spill out of her mother’s mouth and as expected,she uttered the devilish words which hurt her more than ever

“You are already moving with boys right?your sister dorcas never did this or got such a result.you better learn from her.I don’t know whats wrong with you”

Laura shut her eyes tighter to hold in the tears that pulled up in her eyes but no matter how much she tried, it spilled down her face and dissolved on her shirt. She moved out of the sitting room and fell on her bed.she stuck her face to her pillow and began hauling.She waited until it was late in the night before moving out of the house.she ambled down the street, thinking of the next step to take.she was in her 3rd year in college and had spent all her time reading in library,going for counselling concerning her constant failure in her exams, she barely had a social life and most people called her “nerd”.Going for parties was the last thing on her mind.Her schedule revolved around her studies and nothing more.she could remember how many guys she had turned down for the sake of her education.she was easily distracted and needed no form of distraction.

As she strode down the lonely road,she wished she could jump into a lagoon without anyone feeling hurt.For a moment,she paused and thought of her mother,she knew her mother loved her and only wanted the best for her but her constant failure in her exams had really gotten her pissed and irritated. Laura shook her head and wished she was like her sister who always got straight A’s.she could remember her sister taking prize for the best student in a particular course. That day,she had felt happy but the displeasing statement made by one of her mates had made it a bad day

“Your sis is taking gift.you cant even manage to take prize for the worst student”

The statement had shattered her happiness but it was also her trigger.after that day,she had decided to become better and get better grades.She had read day and night but her results never changed.it had started in high school and had continued in college.she wished she could hit her brain a thousand times,if only that will make her brilliant.she felt useless and foolish trying to make the impossible possible.

Suddenly,she hit a hard structure and was thrown off balance.Her thoughts had been interrupted.she raised her head and stared at a tall figure before her.she shivered in fear.her eyes twitched at recognizing the person before her in the dark night.it was Dave, the player.she staggered up and gave him a devilish look.she wondered what he was doing outside so late at night.Before she could ask,he said

“I’m looking for a lagoon to jump Into so don’t ask”

They had never exchanged words ever since he asked her out and she gave him a sour reply,he was a player and she thought he deserved it.

She stared at him for some minutes and suddenly,she found herself walking down the road with the player.As they ambled down the street,she couldn’t imagine how freely he spoke to her.He held nothing back and just spilled all his pain out to her. There,she could unstand why he was such a player.He had no home training nor anyone to talk some sense into him.His lack of fund to sustain him in school had made him become a player. He had blue icy eyes and dark hair with a pointed nose,a perfect description of a handsome boy.He dated girls of high class and drained them of their money.That was only way to help him sustain himself in school.It surprised Laura that the few minutes she had spent with him was like living in heaven.something had changed in his eyes and she could see beyond the “player”that he was.of course,he needed to date thousands of high class girls to get some money. He wasn’t intelligent enough to get a job either ways .Seeing him,she noticed she wasn’t the only one with problems.She changed her mind and decided to push harder, but this time she wasn’t alone.He had assisted her with her studies and put her through some topics she found difficult despite having little knowledge about it.In him,she saw someone who trusted in her and was always there for her.After each class,they would stroll down to a restaurant and refresh themselves before getting back to class to study.She could see a dozen of eyes staring at her as she walked with him.she could guess the questions that popped up in their head

“Is she his gf?are they dating?is she his sidechick?”

Her mum had complained about their closeness but she gave her a deaf ear,actually inviting more insults from her mother

“You can’t pass a simple exam but  you can stay a whole day with a boy..unlike your sister….”

She would ignore her mother and move on with her daily life.laura threw her laptop opened and logged into her school portal.she inserted her pin and in less than a second she was on the ground.Her result had come out like she had dreamed of .she flipped her cloth on and moved out of the house.she had passed her exams and had made a GPA of 4.8.she moved to Daves house and was informed of his departure to France.she slopped to the ground and tears fell from her eyes.she would never forget how he had so much confidence in her and how he had shown her another phase of happiness or how he had intended killing himself that night,out of depression.she stared at his picture on her phone and remembered his last words

“Thank you for trusting me.Never give up laura.Its never too late.I love you”



I walked dauntlessly into the class and haphazardly threw my bag on my locker,caring less about my teachers furious facial expression.she moved towards me and placed her hands on the desk,staring directly into my eyes like she was searching for her long lost “lover”

“that’s if she has ever had one ” i thought,trying to suppress my chuckle at that. Suddenly,my treacherous lips betray me to laughing out loud right in-front of my teacher.Her brows pulled together in a crease,i could tell she was confused.

“mark,Can you please explain to the class why you are laughing and why you majestically walked into the class without apologizing”she said

i threw a gaze at her and scanned her from her blond hair down to her milk shoes.

“she doesn’t deserve a replyi thought

i flinched and said

“miss Regina,i was laughing at the specimen before me and about my lateness,don’t worry,next time,i would walk slowly”

her eyes widened and i could swear she was angry but what would she do?there was clearly a specimen in-front of the class.it was biology class and we had several specimens displayed.So there was clearly nothing she could do about it despite knowing the specimen was her.I smirked at her and reached for my bag.i could hear some student giggling at my back.I knew i had made a joke out of her.what did she think?that i would apologize?spare me the crap.

I diverted my gaze at one of the students beside me and threw my book at her

“hey Evelyn!i couldn’t complete my note yesterday. C’mon, update it.And oh!i got to say,you look so much like your dad ‘garbage'”

Suddenly,all the students burst out in laughter.I remained indifferent.It was no new scene to see me humiliate her in the presence of everyone.It irritated me to see them laughing over something so insignificant.She was like my specimen for a physics practical.I knew i was her worst nightmare but i cared less.I stared at her with venom stricken eyes and she shivered in fear and began writing.

MR MARK!come to my office now” miss Regina shouted and moved out of the class and i followed after her.

The school bell jingled and i threw my bag over my shoulders.it was nothing new to be on detention during school hours.,To be sincere,it was one of the reasons i couldn’t update my notes but that doesn’t preclude the fact that i got good grades in school.My popularity as well as respect was as a result of my good grades.As usual,miss Regina had thrown a stone in the air thinking it would not land.she had tried  advising me.Actually,she was speaking gibberish.Those were stories meant for angels and not a devil like me.”the demon lord“was my name in silver stream high school and everyone knew me to be a demon and not some “goody-goody” angel like Evelyn.I walked out of the class and stopped abruptly in front of Evelyn.She handed my book over to me and waked away without saying a word.I wasn’t surprised,i was expecting that anyway.I rolled my eyes a pulled the school gate open.I trudged along the road,staring at moving vehicles.Going home was the last thing on my mind right now.My parents were both alcoholics and would never be at home.I found school really irritating and uncomfortable.I needed to do something with my life right now.Schooling was a silly excuse to waste time.

In less than a minute,i was at home,laying on my bed.i stared at the ceiling,thinking of the next step to take.My parents were completely like mannequins.I mean objects to point at just to prove i wasn’t an orphan but truly,i was like an orphan.Having parents that don’t care about your dreams or your life in total, is like being caged in a scary house with ghosts.I decided to take a decision for myself.I dropped out of school and decided doing menial jobs before i found a group of boys.With them,i found happiness and care.We were like brothers.what i couldn’t find in my parents,i could find in them.They all joked and helped each other when circumstances requested it.I felt secure and i could feel like i was living.They were my first friends i had made.Back in high school,i was just respected and popular but no one dared to associate with me.I was like a weed in the midst of healthy plants.Being popular or respected never bought me the love and care i wanted.

I stayed with them for two years and my parents never cared to call.Actually,i cared lass.There in our small house,we trafficked drugs.The first time we met,they had told me about their work and i had accepted it.I really earned a lot from that and i had my friends with me.On a very dark night,i heard a gun shot and i rushed out to see who it was.On the ground,i found one of my brothers on the floor all covered in his own blood.That night,i pondered on my bed.the police had shot one of my brothers dead and were currently in search for the rest,that,including me.I felt terrified and bereaved.My life wasn’t the way it was meant to be.The next morning ,i leaped up my bed and sneaked out of the house.

Green eyes,pink lips and blond hair stared back at me.i waved and it waved back,then,i noticed it was me.I stared at the mirror wondering how i had changed over the years.it had been 5 years since i left my brothers without saying a word and i regretted that.i brushed my beards and moved out of the house.To be honest,i hadn’t been fair with them.I had behaved like my parent this time.I had left them when they needed me the most.I walked into a shop and closed the door behind me.Feeling a strange presence behind me,i spun around ans stared at one of my ex-brothers mark.As expected my other brothers closed in on him and my heart began to pound heavily in my chest.,

Guys,i’m really sorry about what i did.I really got to get a life.My life is in a complete mess and i can’t make it any worse.I hope you guys can understand. i said between chocks and fixed my eyes to the ground.I could swear they were exchanging gaze at the moment like they normally do.Finally,i could hear one of them speak

don’t worry,we cool”

with my eyes fixed to the ground and my hands clasped to the front,i moved out of the shop.finally,i raised my head and took a deep breath

“that was easy”i muttered.I trudged along the road in search of job opportunities.My eyes seized on an advert pasted on the wall,reading “auditioning for aspiring actors and actresses”.

it was like a dream come true when they had chosen me among thousands of people to play the roll of a lead actor.I sat on a bench,waiting to be called.It was my first day and i was corporately dressed.I stared at my palms,they were shivering.i closed my yes and took in a deep breath.I was clearly fidgeting.i could remember the first time i had felt this way.it was like a year ago when i had gained a certain notoriety as a singer.My first performance on stage had my legs shivering.I feared i might not be able to stand on stage but luckily for me,that was my breakthrough but it was short lived.my past had caught up with me and eating up the little success i had gathered.The swearling rumor about my past had got the media talking and my fans had slowly departed with the wind of the rumor.The news about my past drug dealings had become a topic for the media and that had been the genesis of my downfall until i became a nobody.I had stopped fighting and decided to stat still.To me,i had lost everything and i was never gonna get up.Suddenly,a certain call startled me

“Mr mark,the producer will love to see you”

I walked into the office and stood there agape as i washed the producer speak to some men sitted on a revolving chair.The darkness  of shame had enveloped my mind and i felt a sudden palpitation in my chest.with my back pressed to the door,i searched for the door knob. I clutched it and spun around to leave.

“MARK!DON’T GO!”the producer said

I spun around to face her and i couldn’t help but scream


i hoped no one could here that

even a deaf man would hear that.am i crazy?

She pulled me into her embrace and i stood there staring at the ground like the idiot that i am. I was a nobody to someone that was a nobody.

To my greatest surprise,the movie sold worldwide and i had gained notoriety.As the years passed by, i became one of the greatest actors .I moved into my limo-zine and signaled to the driver to hit the road.i waved at my fans and the paparazzi who were mumbling things i couldn’t hear.The flashlight from the camera’s stroke my eyes and i looked away and stared at my wife,Evelyn.





IMG_20171001_144836Bulgy eyes,uneven breath,arms crossed around my knees which were pulled up to my chest,I was clearly fidgeting.The area was bright and i scanned the area with anxious eyes,with no idea how I got here.I heard a strange sound from behind the tree and I spun around completely trilled off balance.With my back fixed to the ground,I stared into the bush waiting to see the monster behind it.I heard a groan and I shivered

“What the hell is that?”

Finally i managed to gather some courage.I stood up and moved towards the direction.I shoved some branches away and moved deeper into the bush.I had no idea how I got here or where I was heading to.All i knew was that I had to find my way out of this scary forest.My leg got stuck between two massive stones and i fell on my face.i spat out some leaves which were stuck to my mouth and tried pulling my legs away.Suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulders and whispered in my ear

“I’m here don’t be scared”

i looked over my shoulders and grabbed the hand placed on my shoulders.

damn cute!

my heart fluttered and i felt a slight palpitation in my chest.i couldn’t control my breath and my treacherous eyes wont blink.I bit my lips and scanned my prince charming,my night in a shiny amour,my romeo,my Thor,batman.superman….

what the fuck am i thinking!

i spanked the thought off my head.It was then i realized that i had completely humiliated myself in front of “Thor”

i just slapped myself for real!

My face was burning up and i was blushing foolishly,forgetting i was in a strange place.I stared at his blue eyes and i couldn’t help but  travel down to his pink lips.He was a complete description of a handsome dude.his dark hair fell in twisted curls across his shoulders,his muscles so huge you might mistake him for a wrestler or a “heavy weight champion”,his broad chest obstructed my vision,forcing me to stare at it.

this boy is clearly gonna drag me to hell!

He looked nothing like a soft face Justin bieber,eww. He looked fierce and hot.suddenly,i could feel his hands on my legs.He pulled me up and i threw my hands across his neck to support myself.I gazed into his eyes but he never spared me a glance.Just there,i recognized i had been a cheap hoe to a complete stranger.I struggled in his hand and finally fell to the ground.He didn’t struggle to keep me in his arms,he just let me fall to the ground.i staggered up and dusted by long “Cinderella”gown.before i could say a word,he walked pass me and i followed after him.

hey you!wait!listen”i screamed and he shot a stern gaze at me.i stopped abruptly and asked “who are you and how dare you touch me”. I was not the kind of person to be scared by the stern look of a cute giant devil like him.He spun around and walked towards me .I wasn’t scared of him.I stood on the spot and placed my hands on my waist until we were as close as exchanging breath.I looked up and stared at him.there could be no arguments,he was way taller than me.

“do you know where you are”he asked and i shook my head signaling a “no”

He smirked and i shrieked.”what am i doing here?how did i get here”i asked,almost screaming.He looked at me,grabbed my hands and pulled me to himself.

“if you want to survive,follow me,if not,please go”

He pulled me away and moved into the forest without turning back to figure out if i was following after him.He was such a rude conceited maggot.I ignored his threat and moved in another direction,away from the cute devil.I moved deeper into the forest.i needed to find my way back home.

what was home?my brain kicked off.then,i realized i didn’t have an idea about where i had come from or who i am.Suddenly,the trees in the bush seemed like they had multiplied and began to dance.I felt a sharp pain in my head and before i could look for a place to figure out what was going on,i sloped to ground.

Winning the battle to open my eyes,I stared at a well fit masculine figure in front of me.I threw myself off the well laid mat on the floor and scanned the area.it was very dark and I could barely see anything.All I could see was the cute giant devil,my thor.

“You can go if you want.This is the last time I help you princess.”

Princess?why did he call me that

I stared at him,trying to piece together his statement.He walked into a crooked house and brought out a drink.He handed it over to me and I reached out to take it but before I could gulp it down, my throat,it was spanked off my hand and I diverted my sight at  the culprit.It was a man,he looked strange and wicked.He stared at me with darkeness hovering in his eyes and I could tellbarely he wanted to kill me at the spot.He raised his hard and pointed a sword to my neck and I shrieked.

“Take your hands off her”mr thor said

“No way,she has to be killed according to the kings orders”the stranger said and I stayed there,confused.staring at one person to the other.I wondered why they called me a princess.

“Forget it.we cant kill an innocent girl for nothing.I know she has magic powers but that doesnt mean we should kill her”mr thor said and then my brain kicked into action and I could remember who I was and what was going on.I could remember myself taken out of the palace to be Killed for the having magic powers.My Mr Thor was meant to be my killer but he turned out to be my hero.He had saved me from being killed by the others which were sent to do same.I had ran away thinking he was pretending but with his current action had won my trust and now,i had recognised I was going to be killed any moment from now.I shivered in fear thinking of the next step to take.

“We need to obey the kings orders.sorcery is not permitted in England”the stranger said

Mr Thor pulled me out of the area and we began to run.my legs trembled  they moved rigoruously.I couldn’t see very well.The speed at which we ran blurred my view.I struggled to look back and I found a group of men chasing after us with swords and lamps.My heart raced.we abruptly stopped and I stared downwards,it was a cliff and I couln’t help but hold tight to Mr Thor.Tears rolled down my eyes as is imagined jumping down the cliff.The strangers closed in on us and my legs trembled.They pulled and arrow at me and I shut my eyes.I heard a sharp sound and opened my eyes only to see Mr Thor with an arrow pierced to his chest,he had taken the shot for me.He slopped to the ground and followed after him .

“RUN PRINCESS RUN”he said and I shivered

They pulled another arrow and shot at me.I dropped down the cliff but I felt no pain.I opened my eyes only to recognize that I was sitting in my sitting room, watching merlin season 5

“Omg!Arthur knows merlin is a sorcerer”my sister said

Why did she have to wake me up?






Amazing_Nature_Sunset_Pic_of_Trees_in_Jungle_HD_Desktop_Background_WallpaperDid you know life is like moving through a forest?

a place for the brave to never rest but struggle through the woods in ceaseless quest.

but the meek to lay their tent and wait for life’s imminent guest.

which would you choose?

the meek?or the brave?

Did you know life is like the relationship between the young trees and the sun?

profanity and piety all repose in the bright decor of the sky.

intermittently,the green xyloid creatures of the soil perish from its profanity on the long run

its rays burn against its bark exposing it to impertinent little creatures like a small fry.

Wise one, Look!,you might have hit a bulls-eye

but don”t jump yet. You never know when life would come back to bless you with pale hue and make you cry.

Did you know there is a mighty one

He is his fathers favorite son.

He is in control of life and time.

Do you know the son?with him,you will know the father.

never bother about the midnight sun.

it will never betray you if you look a bit further.

Did you know living is profane and deluxe?


hey guys!

With the natural phenomenon of life which is “Death”.

which do you prefer meek/brave[READ THE FIRST STANZA TO ANSWER]

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 It was late in the night and Milan walked into the house.she walked hastily,stopping abruptly in-front of the door.she took a deep breath and clutched the door knob. Discreetly,she moved in and shot the door behind her.

mila“a voice screamed.

she spun around .it was her mother,Camilla. She shrieked and bowed her head staring at absolute nothing.

why did you stay out so late.its 12:00 in the morning Milan”Camilla said

she moved closer to Milan and scanned her countenance. Milan”s eyes flickered as she raised her head to the questioning eyes of her mother.she bit her lower lips and said

“why are you not in bed?”

“answer my question Milan”Camilla said

“i don”t want to. don”t you just get it?”

with this words,she moved into her room and shut the door behind her.she could hear her  shouting “you have no shame just like your mum”

Milan bit her lower lip to control her sob.Camilla’s words surged through her veins and stroke her senses.she lowered her head and began howling.Suddenly,as awkward as it was,she missed her real mother,Nancy. Though Nancy was a perfect description of a bad omen,Milan couldn’t contest the fact that she was her real mother and not Camilla.she moved to the window and sat on the ledge.Gazing at moving vehicles and assiduous people engaged in distinctive exercise,divers thought popped up in her head.

“i should just take some peels like nancy”she thought

she plodded out of the window and threw herself on the bed.For a minute she closed her eyes and remembered the good old days.Though,her mum,Nancy had made a mess at some time,they were better than the present which is reality.she could remember her step brothers bright skin and dark hair which curled all the way to his neck.despite being siblings,they shared nothing in common.He was a clear definition of an american,his eyes were grey while hers was dark.At some point,she had cursed herself for being dark skinned despite having an american as a father.she had always asked her mum;

“why am i dark.i thought a union of both Nigerian and american is meant to be half-caste. why is mine different”

Her mum never replied all she did was to make an issue out of nothing and proceed to smashing glass cups.As a result of this her habit,they had remitted in buying glass cups and instead,bought plastic.Her father will say

your mum is psycho.i cant be so sure you are not her replica.your skin is too dark,i’m sure you are not my child.maybe you are a product of her prostitution”

her dark skin had really been a big issue.she could remember the first day he had shouted at her for fighting in school.That day had been her worst day,she had fought with some kids in school for calling her “black monkey”.it hurt her he never asked her any questions on why she did that ,all he did was shout,while her mother would flare up saying

is it because she is dark skinned?why don’t you just go get a white kid huh?what about that?”

it didn’t come as a surprise to Milan when she discovered her dad had put her mothers words into action .The next day,he invited Camilla, a white woman with black her into the house. After that day,she had become part of the family.They got married after a year and had a baby boy.Her dad had insisted naming him Sucre but Camilla disagreed and insisted on naming him Austin. Her father always danced to her music,every word she said meant a lot to him. Sucre had grown in the shadow of his mothers hair.they both had the same hair texture and colour. Milan was sure her dad liked it,he will smile and cuddle him

“my small little pumpkin” he will say

A sudden sound startled Milan.For moment,she was out of her thoughts. she jerked up from the bed.her eyes paused at some picture placed on the wall.it was a picture she and her step brother had snapped on her 17th  birthday.she could remember him nagging her about being 8 years younger than her.

“i wanna be older” he would say with his puppy-dog face on.

she would play with his cheeks and tell him how naughty he was.she felt at ease with him.he was her source of happiness and joy.After school,she would always run home,just to be with him.despite the constant quarrel between their mothers,they were like magnets.sometimes,he would run into her arms and cry over the quarrel between their mothers.

they aren’t fighting so calm down”she would lie

On a Saturday morning her mum had slapped Austin in the absence of his mother, Camilla. Milan had reacted in a way which made her mum cry.she had raised her voice at her and cursed her for being psycho.

you only care about yourself.When last did you talk to me or ask about my well being?and now you are raising your filthy hands on a little kid.dads right,you are psycho”

Milan had prayed to see her mum walk into her room and talk some sense into her like a normal mother would,she would stare at the door hoping it was her but all was like a prayer left unanswered.She never walked into the room nor talked to her.That night,her mother came back home drunk.it was no surprise to see her that way but this time, she looked worse than ever.she staggered a thousand times in seconds and finally fell to the ground. Milan  threw her hands on Austin’s eyes and whispered

don’t look.its bad

she had felt disgusted at her mothers impudence to their family honour. coming home late in the night was her obsession.To Milan,her mother deserved being called a harlot.

“which woman in her right senses does this?” her dad would ask

on the floor was were her mum laid speaking gibberish.suddenly she got up and started screaming

“i will kill everyone”

she staggered to the kitchen and pulled out a knife.everyone rushed at her,attempting snatching it away.suddenly,a sharp sound resonated in her ears.she spun around,only to notice the knife stock to Austin’s chest.For a moment,she stared at the lifeless body of her step brother.there,she stood,shivering in desolate thoughts as she watched her only source of happiness find his way to heaven.she slopped unto the ground and burst into tears.the aftermath of his death had no effect on her.she cared less about anyone.she returned late from school and went partying until dawn.one day,she arrived late as usual and was informed about her parents accident on their way home.At the hospital,she sat with her step mother and for the first time,Camilla spoke to her.

are you sad?”she asked

Milan diverted her gaze at her

“i don’t care.how about you mind your business i don’t want to talk to you”

After some minutes,the doctor broke the sad news to them about the death of her parents.Tears rolled down her face but she wiped it in seconds.she moved out of the hospital and got into the taxi.she could hear Camilla shouting

don’t go…please wait”

she stepped out of the taxi and stomped towards her and said “i guess you happy now that my mum is dead”

just then,she recognized how her actions had affected her parents.at that spot,Camilla had detailed her on her parents plan to change because of her. Camilla had narrated how they were arranging for her 18 birthday.

“they wanted to surprise you.they bought you a car.it will be delivered on your birthday.”

it hit her in momentum that she had been the villain. she had cried her eyeballs out at that spot.

“MILAN!LISTEN” a voice startled her off her day dream once more.then, she recognized she had been staring at the picture for an hour.she diverted her gaze at the tall woman before her.she had not really changed.she still looked like the person who had lost her husband as well as her greatest enemy ‘Nancy’ about 2 month ago

“its been 2 months now,stop thinking of the past Milan. You have to move on”Camilla said

“how did you get in here”Milan retorted

“you left your door open “

“leave”Milan snapped

“you have forgotten that i also lost my son.he is not only your brother,he is my son.i have let go of the past and so must you.tomorrow is your birthday and its late get some rest”Camilla said and moved towards the door.

mila stared at her as she walked

“stop!”Milan shouted.she walked towards her and hugged her

“thank you mum”she continued with a smile on her face.she gazed into Camilla’s blissful eyes then she could see her brother once more.in Camilla’s eyes,she could see her brother and along with that she could feel happy once more

“he still lives’she muttered and hugged Camilla





Let’s take our time to rewind,

Those days when the sun shined,

It’s ray’s soo hot,

we had to curl our self’s to a nut

Under the tree,

I earned  my most embarrassing degree

we were way younger,

and i wished i were a haunter,

at least i would be a gunner.

i would have been able to shoot at anyone

who made an attempt to pull you out of my sight

but all this while,you never understood my plight

i held your thighs

but you spanked my hands

and darkened your eyes.

you hit my face soo hard,

for a moment,i taught i will run mad.

Under the tree,i earned my most embarrassing degree

Oh!those days when i fought for you

but now,you are just like a flu

sometimes,i wish i never grew

but who can hold time

it moves according to it’s review


OLD AGE;@priscawriter.wordpress.com

The sun rises,

and the artist can’t help but draw rounds its beautiful axis.

its rays beams on pedestrians

who can’t help but shade themselves in with their palms.

its a new day,

i wish i kneel down to pray,

but my fractured knees wouldn’t help but betray.

i wish i could walk.

how i wish i could slow down the clock,

then i would be able to tick-tock my way back to the past.


I stepped back just to watch her dragged to the pit.

My eyes flickered in unnecessary awkwardness,

then i looked back and couldn’t find myself where i was before.

Then i noticed she was me in my insecurities.

I staggered up and pushed myself to the realm of  certitude and conviction.

Suddenly,i saw her buffered by a gathering crowd applauding in blissful concession of her greatness.