There is a place of no return.

Similar to places of permanent residence.

But the grief race never ends,new souls are reborn.

This,the great myth postulates its scenting incense.

The baseless lies it tells,the more humans create a false truth for themselves.

Hardened hearts form borders to resist the truth,wicked liars march with sweet creased flutes.

Sounding flutes echo falsity. Someone brave should break this curse lets be free from this fallacy.

Don’t tell me i will live on in another’s body even when I’m dead.

If that be the case,let all corpse drive cars and dance in parties. Then the liars may call it an ecstatic dirge.

No hard feelings.

But lets focus on the pounds and do away with the shillings.

Why create a false image

You know the truth don’t swerve the inevitable and then put forward a cheerful visage.

Let the myth tell their lies,it consoles.

Let the humans shy away from evident fact for its scary to loose your soul.

However you spin,you can never be in two places at the same time.

However you fly,you can never reach so high as to touch the sky.

Face the fact,death is inevitable.

Painful and scary as it is,it is the best teacher. Once you remember death,hatred,jealousy and envy becomes like a fever.

Everyone will depart like the wind. Dear myth do away with false truth for it doesn’t do good.

Dear myth,

Dear myth.

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Where is Benson?”my dad asked sounding puffed “i don’t know… seems like he is inside the house dad” i answered as my voice shivered along with my knees. The thought of my brother in the midst of blazing fire had me starving for air as my heart raced at tremendous speeds. “How could you leave him in there…he is just a kid!…why didn’t you carry him along?…cant you behave responsibly for once!”my dad questioned irately and i stood at a spot trying my best not to shed a tear because that will only annoy him. Before i could apologise,my dad moved into the flaming house to get my brother and i felt as if i was chewing my heart. The flames got hotter and i pulled back,imagining how my dad endured all that to save my brother who should be dead by now. Tears rolled down my cheeks as i watched the fire sneaking their way out from the narrow windows of my house. It reminded me of the day my mum had died. It was an early morning when she walked into my room in rage and threw a hot cup of coffee on me. I jerked up and ran to the bathroom for relief. I wept my eyes out that day. I was always bullied by the thugs but anytime i explained this to my parents,they would repeat the same words “that’s the way i was treated back then in college…don’t worry its temporary”

Those were the most annoying words ever spoken. Later that day,the thugs were involved in a car accident which almost took their life’s. It was discovered that someone had tampered with their brakes but they were lucky to save themselves. My mum and i were like lovers but as life moved on,she started behaving like my dad. Always blaming me and shouting at me for what was never my fault.

The coffee burn hurt for days and she couldn’t do anything about it but smile and apologise each time while applying treatment to the pain she caused. Later that day,there was a usual family dinner for the new year night and all my cousins,nephew and nieces were present. It was something fun for my brother and parents but not for me because i don’t associate with them. I felt they would only taunt me just like everyone does. All i do is watch as they enjoy. As i looked at the little fire placed in their midst while my cousin played his guiter,a flash of the thugs accident and their possible screams echoed in my head a million times and then hazy images of my mum,hurting me with the hot coffee and my dads bickering enveloped my memory and i jolted up the seat and ran to no particular direction,staggering left and right and then,i collided with a trashcan and slopped to the ground. My head hurt. Suddenly,my mind went blank and i moved into the kitchen and turned on the gas. The blazing fire was nothing as hot as that of now which my dad walked fearlessly into as though,it was nothing. I stood,waiting for him to rush out but i didn’t see anything. I heard the sound of the siren and ran towards the police. “Help me!…my dad and brother is in there“….

its okay…we are here,everything will be alright”…this statement was my second most annoying statement. Those were the words the thugs spoke each time they had me beaten to stupor. I stayed back and watched them put out the fire and so i was sure my dad and my brother were no more. I slumped. I caught sight of a paper close to the police man. I rushed and reached out to grab it before he could. “Don’t worry…its nothing…i want to write something…please help me find my dad and my brother…please!please!…”i cried and the police man nodded and ran into my burnt house. I tore the paper into small pieces. I looked up,and to my greatest surprise,my brother was in the arms of the police man,alive and healthy as though he wasn’t in the fire. I thought i had turn the last evidence against me. I ran and pulled him off the mans shoulders. “Where is dad?”i asked irately and he pointed to the left. My dad was standing well and alive and i screamed “what?…you are meant to be dead!…both of you…you cant escape that freaking fire…fuck you dad!”.

“I have always known it was you…i saw you turn the gas on and so i moved your brother to the secrete house underneath…i just wanted to find out if you would want to save your brother because he is just 9 and so innocent…but you didn’t…you just stood there and shed fake tears…what did he ever do to you?…”

shut up!you have always loved him and hated me…if i hurt him,i hurt you,so i did it” Immediately,the police grabbed me and threw me into the car. That was when i knew all was over for me and i will never be able to make them suffer just like i suffered. All the blame they apportioned to me,all the beating i got from the thugs,all the tears they made me to cry, i will never be able to pay them back but i know that one day,i would and just as i killed my mum that new year night when i turned on the gas and she stroke the matches that took her life,i will do it to both my brother and my dad. Though my plan did not work out this time,i would make sure they die by the same fire. “Hello“…the police man answered a phone call. “There was an accident on Santos street …uhmm the boys are dead but we found something to track the culprit down”

I smiled and the police men stared at me but I’m happy i finally killed the thugs. Just like how my second trial is a success,so it will be for my dad and my brothers. I’m not fine yet. Its either blood or wine.

Hey guys!…how do you feel about this story,should i continue it like a novel or something?😁😁…cant wait to hear from you!😘



I walked into my crooked house,took out a black book and jotted down what i had done for the day. It was my routine. I took some peels from kitchen cabinet and moved out. I was sick and tired of being a gardener for my neighbours,i had to do something. Though,i live alone in this dark lonely and isolated building,i couldn’t evacuate it because it has the light of my former life enclosed in its evident darkness. The light within it is my family and our endless love for each other. But today,no one lives. The saddest part being that they knew death was waving but never turned pale until the last moment and so i must take after them and remain strong in this my present situation. I had sent my resume to different companies but i guess they were to busy reviewing the faces and appearance of the workers rather than their competency. I didn’t have a good appearance because I’m just a lonely 24yr old girl with an unkept long brown hair whose parents and sibling died of leukemia 5 years ago but that did not cloud my intelligence. Never have i doubted my intelligence but this people don’t see more than my appearance so everyday,i applied and never got called. Call it “good luck”. I trudged along the road and moved into a brothel. The multiple coloured lights, quivering sound of music and the irking sounds of screaming young girls in the hands of men made gooseflesh on my skin. The smell of alcohol made bile rise up my troat. A very disgusting sight to behold. I really had no choice,i had to make it one way or the other. I jolted at the slight touch on my back and spun around to view a tall man with a smirk on his face,he oozed of alcohol. Within seconds,i was in his arms struggling my way to freedom. He threw me at the wall and fed on my neck with his hands exploring all parts of my body. My scream could not be heard as everyone was engaged in the same activity. I kicked him from beneath and he groaned in pain. I pushed my way through the crowd and into a dark room. I turned the lights on. Just when i spun around,i got blindfolded and thrown on a soft cushion. A voice whispered “who are you?” And then the blindfold was off. It was a young man with an ocean blue eyes with his hair crashing over is shoulders and onto my face. He looked nothing less or more than 30yrs. “Are you deaf or you are just dumbstruck…never seen a cute…”…i flipped him over and stood on my feet before he could complete his childish talk. That was not my reason for coming here. “Please,I’m looking for the owner of this brothel”…i said

“I’m the owner…how can i help you “…he said. I was shocked at the change of character. I thought he was a childish spoilt brat. I sensed a lie in his words. He stood up to pour some beer into the cup before gulping it down his troat while i starred at the muscular fitness. Never have i seen such veins with such great height. “Use the door if you don’t have anything to say ma’am” he said and moved back to the cushion. “I am good at serving men…I’m hoping you will give me a chance”i said between chokes trying to suppress the pain within. “Go…your salary is 2 dollars”he said and i chocked on a laugh before recognising he wasn’t joking. “what?”i screamed and he stared at me like i was some psycho. “Look here,i don’t get involved in charity. What you get is based on your appearance. Looking at you,you wont get much slut …so…that’s all i can offer…get it?”…Tears pulled up in my eyes but my anger was greater so i took a cup from the table and threw it at him before dashing out. I didn’t want to see the look on his face or stay there for a second. I’m worse than a prostitute, at least they earn money from their bodies. I’m no good at anything. I’m damn bad that my body is worth nothing…I thought, as i ambled down the street. I’ll not be going back to the lonely house where it seems like my life has come to an end. Several thoughts propped up in my head as i strode to a park to rethink my present situation. A little girl was sitting next to me,she looked rather depressed. She was lost in thoughts so i reached out to tap her and she leaped up in fear. “Its okay….its me I’m sorry…you were lost so i..”

“Don’t do that scared me!”she screamed at me and i said “I’m sorry” . Her hair was unkept while her dress was turn at corners. I was frightened at horrible possibilities of what had happened to her. She noticed i was scanning her and so she ran off. I ran after her and caught up with her. “Leave me i said…let go!”she screamed. “Wait!…let me help you”i said…..”i don’t need your help…you are part of them…please leave me…i did nothing wrong“i wondered who she was referring to. I assured her i was just some regular girl looking for a job and i could see her face soften before moving into a coffee shop to cool her down. She seemed rather friendly than before. She resembled someone i had seen but i couldn’t just figure it out. “They are here!…please help me”she screamed and hid underneath the table. The men moved towards the shop armed so i suggested we left through the back door. My house no option for us to go because it has the least security and so the only place i knew was the brothel. There,we will be safe. There are a thousand people over there and so it will be difficult to find anyone. Back at the brothel and its irking smell,we scaled through busy bodies and finally back at the room in which i had met the young man. That was the only quiet area around. A piercing scream echoed in the room and then,the little girl was in the young man’s hands. I reached out and pulled her away from him with a slap on his face. How disgusting can he be. The little girl could only be around 16 “you should be ashamed of yourself!”i shouted. Tears flowed down his eyes and i wondered if he was crying as a result of the slap. I guess i have a strong hand…i smirked. “Stop it!he is my brother“the girl screamed and i stood agape. “I have been searching for him all this while and I’m so thankful that you brought me here….you are like an angel…thank you so much!”she hugged me and ran to her brother. Seeing them howling was something that reminded me of the day my parents and sibling died. She looked just like him and so i was right. I spun around to leave hoping he will take it up from there. “Thank you“he said and i smiled.”I’m sorry i said those horrible things to you….i only did that to get you out of here because if they hear further conversations here,they would send me out and you know what will happen…i escaped those guys but needed to find my sister but you did..I’m sorry i couldn’t explain then..”he said “Mind if you follow us?”… “to where” i replied and he smiled.

It was fun escaping the gangsters through the window and arriving at a milk house. It was a mansion. A woman ran towards them,hugging them tightly. I knew it was their mother so i guess it was time to leave. “Don’t go!dine with us”he said “i don’t deserve that i…” ..”you deserve everything beautiful just like your heart…you deserve nothing less than happiness…i have never seen someone so beautiful,disciplined and morally sound like you….i will call you Judith”.Thank you…but my name is …”…. “Judith”he interrupted and i couldn’t contain the blush stifling within me….

Its been years i wrote in this diary and i know this is my last but after meeting up with his family,i discovered that they were people of great influence in the country who were fighting against immorality among drug dealers and gangsters. Though,i didn’t accept the marriage proposal as a result of my illness,leukaemia, knowing i wont last. It was better to let him go. Though i labour under this sickness,i was given a high post in the association and gained a certain notoriety in which i lived with throughout my life. I was known as a motivation for youths who feel they are nothing just because the society is against them. I write this to let you know that though,sometimes you feel you can do nothing,the world rejects you and things don’t just work in your favour. Calm down,take a deep breath. Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior. Always be who you are,never compromise and be who you aren’t. The person you are is a God and can do all things only if for a moment you can sit down and search for the God within.



The queen of the mystic code.

I made my way through the thick fog of the night in search of my family. There is no way i would allow them take my wife and my 10yr old daughter away. I crouched behind the enemy territory and moved silently into the crooked house. “Dad” my daughter shouted and i signalled to her to keep shut. She nodded in response and i quickly untied her. I couldn’t believe they could go as far as tying up a little girl for their selfish reasons. “Where is your mum”i asked and she said “they took her somewhere else“..i felt terrified at the thought of horrible possibilities. I piggybacked my daughter and moved in search of my wife. We had to leave the city before dawn. This was a very dangerous city. A place where you sleep with your eyes open, a place only meant for the “zombies” as they called themselves,the people who have my wife in their dangerous custody. The zombies had taken over the town after killing thousands of citizens and making the city a mystery zone. I was a member of the movement who swore to give their life’s for the safety of the town against the zombies. When the zombies arrived,we fought them head on but they were too strong. They defeated us but i swore to safeguard our treasure,the purpose for which they came. The code to unlock the gate of the evil dead. If ever the evil dead escaped,the world would be in danger and as a member of the movement, that would be the last thing i do and so i have to protect the code. All my friends were dead and the last person alive to safeguard it was me and now they had taken my family to threaten me. I would never do that and so i had to find my wife. I pulled a gun from behind my pants pocket after keeping my daughter in a safe place. I moved in rigorously and pointed it at the zombies. They were real zombies with faces like rotten mangoes. Oh look who we have here”they spoke in unison and then burst into laughter. “You would never have it”i said and attempted pulling the trigger but they placed my wife before them and i slumped. My wife was my all and i couldn’t afford leaving my daughter without a mother. “Let her go!” i shouted knowing it was useless to do so. They laughed again and i knew they would never give her up without taking the code. Suddenly,everywhere began vibrating and a huge figure with disfigured face and ripped skin with green elements growing on its head like a plant came form behind and said “you tried to fool us by running away and pretending the code was a number… hahaha…now we know you are the code and you are all we need…so don’t be stubborn and come over”…..tears pulled up in my eyes. My only wish was to be with my family after escaping and celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary with my wife and child. If i gave in to them,i would die without getting to see my daughter. I closed my eyes hoping she had heeded to my advice. I prayed she would be a good girl and grow up happily. All i could do for her at this point is to spare her a parent. Either me or her mum. I cursed myself for being born an extra ordinary child with the code to the under world. If not for this i would have been able to watch my daughter grow. But right now,i needed to save her at all cost. I dropped my gun and smiled at my weeping wife as they released her. “Can you give me a moment to talk with her”

“No”they screamed. “Say it out loud”….

I smiled and held her hands and then,she smiled back and i never saw her. They placed me in a cage and scanned me,hoping to get the code. I smiled when they looked at me in disgust. I knew i was as good as dead but i was happy that they didn’t get the code. They would surely kill me but i saved the world and i would be remembered. Zombies will never be as smart as humans. How dumb could they be as to imagine i was the code after knowing i had a daughter and the code is normally inherited just as i inherited it from my dad. I burst out in laughter. They made a loud groan in anger and reached out to pull my heart but a bright light enveloped the whole place and consumed them. I was mesmerized,i thought it was all over for me. The zombies were all gone and a shadow walked towards me and unlocked the cage. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. She smiled at me. She was shining bright like a sun and then i could remember that the power of the code gets stronger as the years pass. Now my daughter had the power to defeat the underworld and so i guess we would not be celebrating only i and my wifes 10th anniversary but the queen of the mystic code.



The chill breeze flapped my window blinds recklessly while the florescent twitched. I reached for my windows to prevent further discomfort by the storm. It resisted my assistance in shorting it so i struggled with it until i was soaked. The usual silence of my house was not what i needed this night. I decided leaving the windows open so as to feel alive once again. The rain dripped into my house but i didn’t care anymore. I watched the rain subside before looking at the decorative stars. I closed my eyes for some seconds and then i saw a car drive in and a tall figure walked out and waved at me. I waved back in scepticism. I had not invited anyone to my house so i guess he was an uninvited guest. I moved downstairs to find more about him and just then,i discovered it was my husband. I pulled into his embrace,i couldn’t believe my eyes. Its been so long we had been apart and seeing him again was like magic. At that point,no questions could pop up, i just had to enjoy the moment. Questions could wait for later. He walked me to my sit and placed my sit belt on before moving to his. We drove for half an hour discussing about several things like we normally did. I missed his silly jokes. We stopped in front of a port. It looked like a party was going to hold on the ship. This was my first wish when we first got married and he asked me to make one when we saw a shooting star. We were young adults,he was about 22yrs old while i was 19. My heart skipped when he led me to the ship and it started moving down the sea. His eyes was honey brown and i just stared in surprise. Before he left,he promised to make my wish come true and now he was fulfilling it. He took out a bag and showed me the bathroom to change. A tear rolled down my cheeks seeing how beautiful the gown was. It was a red dinner gown with silver stones on it. Its fish shape design made me look like a queen. I put on the jewelries also. I packed my hair in a bun while my red lipstick glowed. I almost fell flat on my face when i saw him staring at me intensely like i was snack as i walked out of the bathroom and towards him. He was the most handsome man standing there. His perfectly barbed hair and fitted suit made him look like dinner. I didn’t feel like eating seeing him. He took me in his arms as the cool breeze of the night and the whoosh sound of the sea made the atmosphere more romantic than ever. He walked me to a silent area adorned with beautiful red roses placed around a well decorated dinner table. I smiled when my eyes took note of my best meal placed on the table. He grabbed my palms and led me to my sit before taking his. He was always sweet. I missed him and i was happy he was back. We discussed about our youth over our meal. The first day we met was a special day. I had gone for a party with my friends,he walked up to woo me but just like the arrogant girl that i was,i made a joke of him, completely embarrassing him. He walked out and i thought he had given up but he walked up to me and asked me for a dance. I loved persistent guys so i agreed. When we reached the dance floor he moved closer to me and whispered “April fool….you ain’t fine enough”…his friends burst into laughter and i felt like falling into a volcano. We kept bumping into each other after finding out that we were attending the same college. We discovered our feelings for each other on a rainy night when the rain had calmed just like today. That day,i was almost run over by a faulty vehicle but he saved my life and got his leg broken. I stayed with him at the hospital and couldn’t help but fall in love with my hero. It was a funny discussion so we kept laughing over our meal until a beautiful song began playing …it was edsheeran’s “give me love”…my heart felt heavy.. he remembered my best artist also. He took my hand and we danced the night away until our legs ached. He placed a silver necklace around my neck. I stared at it in recognition,it was same as the one he had given me on our first valentine together. Tears rolled down my face and i noticed he just kept on smiling without saying a word. I reached out to tap him but he vanished and just then i opened my eyes and discovered i was staring outside my window.

It was still raining and i was totally soaked and so was my room. It needed mopping. I horridly closed the windows and fell to the ground in recognition that it was only an imagination. My loneliness was starting to cause me brain disorder. It has been 2yrs since i lost my husband in a car accident on a rainy night and so the sight of the rain draws me back. I miss his voice. But now all i can hear is my voice. Coming to keep me company was his thing and he still did it even when he is dead. No matter how much i shout or cry i will never hear his voice. The tears flowing down my face is enough for me to wash a whole pile of cloth. A little hand wiped my tears so i looked up. I hugged my son. I totally forgot i was not alone,i had his baby with me. He looked totally like his father so i guess it is both of us going on the date night.





Watching stars wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t a fan of the zodiac but now i can see something deeper than just stars. Sometimes the stars tell lies and so right now,i guess it did.

I walked along the road with a mind full of nothingness and a heart burdened with pain. Every silly postal on the freaking road,i tore apart. Sceptical eyes gazed at me and my eyes bore swords in their hearts with each stare i accorded them. Everyone is a liar…..i plodded into my mums books store and saw the deadliest villain standing right next to my mum. They seemed to be discussing. I threw my bag at Jeremy,the liar. He was the cause of my madness.

“Jess please!”he cooed. As he drew nearer,i picked each book that was closer to me and threw it at him. He relentlessly pushed forward and grabbed my hands before i could slap him. In those ocean blue eyes of his were past memories and as i stared it,tears couldn’t help but drip. I could remember the first time i cried in front of him,it was on the 15th February 2006. I could remember when i ran out of the dinner party after my date,my ex boyfriend had told me he wasn’t interested in me anymore and was interested in my friend who i had just introduced him to 2weeks ago. Just like the pulling force between magnets,i and Jeremy bumped into each other that night and never pulled back. His ocean blue eyes was warm enough to calm my disappointed soul. We sat outside through the night jumping from one topic to another. Each time i smiled,i noticed a flash in his eyes. I didn’t know what it was at that time because i never believed in love at first sight. I narrated my heartbreaking dinner story to him and i got scared when he burst into dangerous laughter,hitting his folded palms on his knee and hitting his palms on his head. I was angry he was making a joke out of it so i walked out. The next day,i got a phone call from a strange number,it was him. I couldn’t believe he took my number from my ex boyfriend. I questioned him about their relationship status and he said he took a bold step to ask. Every single day i spent with him was like minutes,i wanted to be with him more than ever. He became my everything. It was a snowy morning and so i went out to get some groceries. I saw him with a young girl about 18yrs old. They were as close as exchanging breath before i called out his name and he pulled back. Disappointment and betrayal shattered my heart. I dropped my groceries and ran out of the store. I could hear him screaming my name and chasing after me from behind. I got into a cab and as soon as i got home,he was standing at my door with my groceries in his hands. I didn’t want to see him,i was furious. As the hot tempered female that i was,i pushed him out of my way and pulled my door open. He placed his leg half into my house so i was unable to close the door. I wanted to cause him harm so i slammed it on his leg..i was fire angry. His eyes shot in pain and i felt guilty. He dropped my groceries at the foot of my door and walked out. I felt a little bit guilty but not apologetic. He stood and watched me close the door before driving off. I was confused as to what that day was but i felt it was supposed to be a special day. I was too furious to remember what made it special. It was about 9pm and so i heard my dog bark loudly like some thief had walked in. I ran to my window and pulled the window blinds slightly so as not to get caught. My heart fell to my tommy and my eyes watered at the sight downstairs. My garden was decorated with red love shaped roses with bright lights on it. A large teddy bear sat beside it along with a big board with the inscription

Happy birthday my love! Jeremy is sorry”but that wasn’t what made me cry and laugh in unison. Jeremy was struggling with my dog who was chasing him around. The sight of him running around and screaming “this wasn’t the plan…but i hope you like it” was crazy. The truth was i liked the decoration but i loved watching my dog chase him more. I laughed out my lungs before moving downstairs and controlling my dog. “Good for you i wished it bit you”i said teasingly. He smiled and said “what is a bite from a dog compared to a minute without speaking to you” he said and i sank to deep Atlantis. Suddenly,the lights went off and i was scared,i couldn’t hear his voice anymore. I screamed his name but didn’t get a reply. Suddenly,the sound of a guitar sounded from beside me and a mesmerizing voice sang along. The lights came on and sitting on the grass was Jeremy. My heart skipped a bit when the warm breeze took his hair down and it crashed on his shoulders. For the first time,he let it flow down his neck. He looked at me and smiled and then,i forgot myself for a minute. I begged him for the lyrics to the song so that i would sing along but he laughed and told me he would give me later. The song was “hearts don’t break”by edsheeran but the lyrics were different. Through the night, he explained everything he had done. I got to know the girl i saw him with was his sister and they didn’t want to kiss,they were gossiping about me. He had seen me walk in and was whispering to his sister about our romance. I laughed my heart out that night as we laid on the grass watching the stars. I laughed harder when he said he fell in love with me on the first day because of the will of the star. It was crazy,so i asked what he meant and he explained that according to the zodiac,we were meant to be being that i was February and he was September. I laughed harder in disbelief and suddenly the night was over. The next morning, i tried calling him but his line was unreachable. I got to his apartment but they informed me that he hadn’t gotten home from last night. I was worried so i called his friends and non of them,picked. From that day on i never heard from him. Its been 4 years with him absent from my life and seeing him in my mums bookshop is more irritating than an eyelash stock in a contact lens. “I’m sorry i walked out of your life that way…”he said and i shrieked. All the memories was dead and gone and now i have learnt how to do without people. All my life i have experienced betrayal and heartbreak and i guess it was enough for me now. A little girl walked in and hugged his leg. She looked like she was 3 to 4 yrs old. This wasn’t a conversation for babies to walk in and interrupt so i said “you can get some candy from the bag…”…

“Uhmm…she is my daughter”he said and just then,i felt my heart stop beating. A tear fell off his eyes and he said again

I’m sorry…maybe we got it all wrong..we weren’t meant to be…maybe we could have stayed together if we were our stars but we aren’t,we are people and our destinies are shaped by fate”…..

I guess the stars don’t tell the truth. We parted ways according to fate and the stars and its compatibility can eat some pizza. I placed my hands on my tommy in anticipation of my first child with my ex but now husband. I wont see Jeremy again and so I’m happy and sad also. Well…Sometimes the stars tell lies and so right now,i guess it did.







I lay in cold sweat,all caged in my grief nest.

The truth inside,something not worthy of pride,better untold than to unfold the shameful bride. So let it slide..

This story i wont tell,better for it to be sheathed in hell.

Everyday,i hear the horror bell,i can smell hell,because it dwells here..In me.

Hands caged against my neck. The devil will tell the rest.

The sinful horror,

my painful grief,

His sinful bliss.

Was i made to lay at the mercy of Lucifer?

Someone call the priest to bring the crucifer.

The hurtful screams of my agonizing tribe,the vision still hard to imbibe.

A group of girls with shape like pearls, harassed by the cold hands of men with lands.

I was same like them.

Locked up in the evil den.

Wasn’t there any other solution to poverty?

Why was i made a slave to snobbery?

Why was i sold?

I wish i was told.

Screaming voices,whispering fear,painful laughter,i was made to suffer.

Years passed by,leaving no trace of my past life.

One person,

Life’s lesson,

Brings blessing.

I met a boy,he cast his lot and met my heart. His ravishing name being Garth.

The years passed by, leaving the past behind like an impertinent fly.

I survived this life and hit a bullseye.

Scars still there,no one can see them and stare.

Sadness,a reoccurring pain.

Happiness,an everlasting joy.

My past is my past and now i think i would move with my present.

I have made my choice.

Now let me hear your voice.




I threw my bags and books on the table and sat clumsily on the chair. My name is Jason and this is my story

“How could i do such a stupid thing damn!”i yelled and just then,two squirrels worked in to hike the pain.

“Mehn…i heard about that shit that happened between you and tessie…mehn…” the first squirrel said

“I love the location boy!…inside a comfortable house!”

“Shut up you dirty squirrels!”i screamed and stood on my feet. My friends were the last thing i needed right now. I grabbed my bag knowing they would follow after me but i pretended not to know and so i pushed forward without turning back.

“Listen man! It couldn’t really be that bad…i mean the s..”

“Sauce”my second friend completed and they gave me a weird smile. I knew the news about i and tessie had gone round school and so they didn’t have to hide it.

“It was just a mistake”i said and then spun around to marsh with my fear. She stood with her face down to the floor and her books pressed to her chest with her palms. I could tell she was refusing to stare at me. Sweat creased her forehead. It was awkward to just be gazing at her and so i said

“How are you?”

Honestly i didn’t know when that came out of my mouth. That was the worst thing to say to her after… after what had happened between us some days ago. The same words was what i had uttered before it all went down. It started with a heated argument. I didn’t care if we were reading partners before. All i did was rain insults on her for spreading disgusting news about my dad who was a very popular bussiness man. That day,my friends had told me how she fisted the class with news about my dad which later went viral by my course mates publication on their blogs. My dad lost a great deal that could fetch us great money. Along with that,his reputation was tarnished and some business agreements were revoked. I knew it wasn’t a lie but i am my dads only son and only child after my mum left us for her new lover. I was also his heir to his big company in Texas and i a filthy girl who i called my friend messed it up. She said he was a womanizer who slept with his secretaries and she wasn’t wrong but he wasn’t like that before. It was after my mum had left me and my dad when i was 5. I grew up despising women. To,me,they were cruel being. I never felt the presence of a mother in my life. My dad told me i cried when my mother left and she didn’t care to turn around just to console her crying 5yr old son.

I was bitter that night and so i went to her house. I discovered no one was at home and so i had the opportunity to to destroy her reputation also and make her lose all she had being that she wasn’t a slutty girl but a bookworm to be precise. That night,i raped her without thinking twice.

The hot heated touch from the sun touched our skin later that morning and along with it came the burning guilty heart of mine roaring its merciless pain inside me for the bitter truth spoken. A woman stood at the foot of our defiled bed with tears raining down her cheeks and i could remember i didn’t shut the door last night.

“Mum!” Tessie shouted with tears flowing down her cheeks. I was ready for my penalty and so i stood up and threw my clothes back on and stood face to face with her mother. I didn’t know what was happening to me at that moment but the sudden feeling of anger that trifled within me was not normal. I felt like slicing the woman’s throat. I walked out so as not to Commit more crimes. I was surprised when she let me go instead of calling me back or calling the corps on me. I heard tessie shout in anger

“Mum!will you just stand there like you don’t care?….mum!”

Just then,her mother began weeping loudly. The whole scene was irritating and annoying and so i decided leaving before any further harm could be caused. As i spun around once more to take my leave,my dad was standing at the door looking drained of strength. I moved toward him praying nothing was wrong being that he was crying for the first time after the day mum left.

“Dad!how did you get here? Whats wrong??” I asked and he pointed at the woman standing and wailing. I looked back at him and he said

“She is your mother”…

“Hey man!!!what are you thinking about!!”my friends shouted. Releasing me from,mg thought.

“Where is my sister”i shouted in recognition of my environment.

“Which sister?”my friends asked and i almost died. They shouldn’t know about my family and its problems. They shouldn’t know Tessie is my step sister. The child my mother bore for her lover. They should never know. It will only tarnish my image more. Its better if it remains between us. My mum couldn’t do anything neither did my parents come back together. I guess revenge was not so sweet after all,its a shameful thing to revenge or harbour a grudge no matter how deep it is. It will only lead to shame and another regret. I wont be able to face Tessie. My name is Jason and this is my story

HEY LOVERS! I will love to see your own opinion,about revenge. IS IT EASY TO LET GO OF WHAT REALLY HURT YOU?😃😃😃



It was a very dark night with no adornment from the stars and the moon also failed to creep in to illuminate the darkness. The fog made it worse. I walked along the deserted road as my past experience lingered in my mind. I staggered with my foot moving side to side. I fell a thousand times but still managed to get up. In my head were hazy images of a young 9yr old girl strangling a middle aged man with her little palms. Unable to end his life with her fragile palms,she broke a branch of a tree and stabbed him with its sharp edge. I had no idea about what had happened but all i knew was that i had to find out the secrete behind her powers. All i wanted to do for the night was to finalise my deal with Mr Johnson whom she had just killed before i could finalise our drug deal. She dug into the darkness and the fog of the night shaded her as she pushed forward but too bad, it couldn’t shade her from me. The little brat spoilt my deal and surely had to pay. As i walked behind her,i noticed she twisted her head backward each time as though she knew i was following her. She stopped at a gate and i could see her smiling but i couldn’t tell why. I struggled to read the inscription on the wall beside the gate but i couldn’t. She moved in and i hurried after her so as not to loose sight of her.

The fog amplified and i couldn’t see a thing. The girl had disappeared immediately the fog got lighter and my heart raced. I scanned the area and the sight before me was horrifying. Thousands of graves were assembled in perfect arrangement in the area and my brain put two points together and arrived at the thought of a grave yard. My inner body suddenly felt cold and my legs were shivering. I looked back and the gate were i had arrived was not there anymore. I thought i was crazy. I felt it only happened in the movies. I ran to no direction in particular and fell into a hole. I struggled in utmost madness as though i was about to die. I screamed but i couldn’t hear my voice so i shut up because it was useless. I looked down and discovered i was in an empty grave. I wondered how a dead body could leave its grave. I ran out without care as to whether i had my shoes on. I was barefooted but i ran until i could see a small house. It looked like it had been abandoned for years but my fear was greater than a creepy looking house. I ran into the house and shut the door. I spun around to survey the house and a massive face with red eyes and tangled hair was my first encounter. I didn’t scream because i had no voice so i stayed at a spot in fright. It pulled me to a chair and tied me up

“Do you recognise me?it said

“You don’t even have a face to be recognised”i answered with no clue as to how i had regained my voice.

“Why wont a killer recognise his prey” it said and reached out to grab a photo from my pocket. My brain went on an overdrive,piecing moments together and arriving at point. I had killed her some weeks ago after i discovered she had overheard my conversation with my partner over a drug deal. I was sure she was going to report to the police and so i decided to end it there. Less did i ever expect to see her again.

“I was just a little girl who didn’t even understand what was going on and you killed me despite how i begged you”it said and i clasped my hands together in plea

“Please forgive me”i,said

“You will never learn your lesson unless you learn what it feels to be dead” it said and immediately pierced a sharp metal through me and i could now see my lifeless body on the wooden chair creaking back and forth on the wooden floor. In disbelieve,i sat back on the chair hoping i would stand up but i didn’t stand with my body. Suddenly my body stood and started moving and i followed it until it moved out of the graveyard gate and then stopped and smiled at me. That was when i notice it could see me. It smiled just like the way the little girl smiled and then i knew she had possessed my own body and was going to be living my life. I cried aloud knowing my family was going to be her first target.

“Hope you know what it feels like to be dead!” She said and dug into the street while the dark night shaded her falsehood in its fog. No one is going to know she is dead.






It was a Saturday morning and i staggered up my bed and strode to the sitting room when i heard a loud echo of laughter. It was my dad and mum laughing in the sitting room as usual but their position made bile rise up my throat. My mum was sitting on his lap and my dads hands were placed around her waist. They caught sight of me and distangled themselves.

“Kendra..what are you doing over there?.come over here and why are you all dressed so early in the morning?”

I moved closer to them and smiled. I loved my family very much. We were very close and the love between my parents triggered butterflies in my tommy. My younger brother was the comedian in the family. He was only 8 and i was 17 turning 18 today and so i had dressed up to hang out with my friends before coming home for the usual family party with my brother and parents to be precise.

“Mum I’m going to hangout with my friends for a while…i will be back by 6pm” i replied and strode to my brothers room to check on him before i left. I pulled the door open and was emotionally stroke by the lightening of his action. He ran towards me and hugged me but his little hands could only reach for my lap and so i bent down so as not to stress him. I kissed his fat cheeks and looked into his ocean blue eyes. I always described the beauty of his blue eyes and all he did was write them in a piece of paper. I didn’t know why he did that but i guess it was one of his childish games. Just before i left,i described it one’s more saying

“Your eyes are blue and blue is the shade of the sea”

I kissed him once more and strode out. It was fun hanging out with my friends. We went to the park,beach and other fun centres. It was around 7:00pm and i had broken my promise to my parents but i was really having fun with my friends. One of my friends suggested we go to the club and i agreed. I knew they will be expecting me at home but this was my 18th birthday and i wanted to make it a memorable one. They called severally but i switched my phone off.

It was around 1:00am and my friends took me to a dark mystery house.

“You are turning 18 girl. You have to be brave so let me teach you how to be as brave as an adult.. right friends?” One of my friends suggested and we agreed on it. I was dared to take a particular letter from inside the strange house. I asked them how they knew about it and they told me it was a normal game they played on anyone who was turning 18 and there was no problem at all. The doors of the house were broken and the windows were also broken. The darkness of the house gave me the false image that i was blind because i couldn’t see anything. As i strode inside all alone,i heard faint steps behind me and i spun around but there was no one there. My heart was racing and my legs were shivering. I called out my friends name but there was no reply, only the continuous echo of my scream lingered in the house but i pushed further and finally got hold of the letter. A hand held me tight on my wrist and i struggled to free myself of its grip. I pulled out of its grip and ran without turning back. I got out and my friends weren’t there anymore. I called out but there was no reply. I finally found my way home,satisfied that it was all over. I quietly strode to my room. It was 2am. I sat on my bed and unwrapped the letter. It was a very strange letter with a strange language that i couldn’t understand. I tried reading again but i only got dizzy by the minute and so i stopped. I layed back on my bed before a sharp sound resonated in my ears. I ran out of my room and the sight before me was frightening. I screamed and i was sure i was going to loose my voice. A huge thing with one eye and massive legs with its tongue adorned with thorns was in my house It was a thing,i mean a creature. It wasn’t a normal human but it was cutting my dad into half’s and murmuring with a dragon voice


I stood agape for some seconds and then began throwing furniture’s at it. It groaned in anger and wanted to reach out and tear me apart and then my mum blocked it and i saw it tear her apart before my eyes and the last voice i heard of her was her scream and then blood splashed at my face. It walked towards me and then everything went black.

I woke up in a room. Memories of last night flushed in my head and i reached out and held the collar of the person in front of me who was wearing a white labcoat.

“What happened to my parents and were is my brother?” I asked and the doctor said

“The police managed to come around at the last minute and saved you and your brother. He has some minor issues due to the experience and is in the next room. That creature also ate some girls close to a mystery house. Well..don’t worry. Please you,need to rest.”

I couldn’t believe my friends and parents were dead. I knew i couldn’t tell my brother it was my fault but he will know one day and hate me for that but let that be for later. I shouldn’t have taken the letter. I ran out of the room and saw my innocent 8yr only brother lying on the hospital bed. I ran to him and kissed his fat cheeks as usual. He slightly opened his eyes and gave out a wide smile. I felt guilty deep within. He still smiled despite being sad. He smiled in the midst of pain and i cried harder. As usual,he picked up his jotter to write my new quote and i was surprised but i had to make him happy. Between chokes and as tears rolled down my cheeks,i said.

“You are very sweet,your eyes are blue and blue is for beloved”